Saturday, 20 October 2007

What The...?

I found this site CSL CartoonStock when I was trying to find images from Google. I was thinking to write on why absurdity has to hit us sometimes and kick us out from our contemplative state.

Moderation in everything keeps the balance of a fine and well rounded existence. We need to be crazy sometimes, a drama here and laughters there.

Shouting and cursing may be a means of how to be heard. But a whisper or silence at times, can work more wonders.

Who knows, punching the keyboard here like you know everything might lead to some irreversible delusions you might never fix...What am I saying here? All I was suppose to say is I need to hit the bed. Sleep! Tsk, tsk, tsk....blame it on these C images, its contageous!



you got alot of time on your hands lady. go to sleep!!!


nice one here :) i have to say I agree with most of what you have scribbled - how I wish silence will really work so we won't need to shout and all that.
BTW, I have to give you the credit of "cartooning" my blog too. I signed up in e-toons so I could include the daily cartoons in my blog but the script I added in my HTML didn't work :( and I am no expert in HTML ... Keep the cartoons coming.


Oist russel, with these kids, time will never be enough.

Just a tip Jane, silence works with the hubby sometimes hehehe...

What a cool job these "catooning" thingy enya? Hay naku that HTML is giving me a headache...I think I'm gonna hire someone to pimp my blog, kahit na yung catchy lay-out man lang(like I can afford to :LOL:)


nah lovelyn, guess hubby is just so dense, bwahahaha.
yes, nice to have the cartoons to spice up our blogs :)
let's just leave our blogs with what we have. what's important is the substance, naks, as if naman my blog has a substance...


:LOL: Jane! Find other ways. Wifey power.

Yeah substance is the
main ingredient, others would just be spices.

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