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Every Tuesday is flea market day or 'mercato'. Here are some photos of what's being sold. We were not able to take pictures of the wet goods such as the fish, vegetables and flowers.


paintings and baskets

clothes made in China


cheap watches

bikes and spare parts



This reminds me of the days I was in Limerick, Ireland. Saturday is the flea market day there and twas only til 12NN so we had to wake up early to catch the veggies.China products were also sold and the thing that sticked to my mind is the rubber shoes with inverted Nike mark (check mark) hahaha. I still have the Big Ben clock bought from the flea market. Do they also sell chocolates there which are like weeks or days before expiration or even expired I think but still within 3 months? In Limerick, they did, and one of my former colleagues used to buy the branded chocolates and eat them right away.
It's nice to look for stuffs there that are not commonly sold anywhere else. You can find good buys as well.


How often is the Flea Market and is there any entrance fee?
Never buy those cheap watches in Flea Markets.
Other than perishables (fruits and vegetables, fish), I like to examine any antique's that catches my interests.
I got a miniature antique white marble statue of Venus (no arms and naked from waist down, is that Venus?), I'm not sure gamin. My Italian-American friend gave it to me as a "pasalubong" when he visited Florence, Italy years ago, his mom's birthplace.
Do you get to see "kababayans" in the market, if so siguro, they're loud, hehe, my guess..Cheers.


My first question was supposed to be: How early do they open and any entrance fee?
Jane has a good point regarding the inverted Nike Mark.
Years ago in Hongkong, there's this place where they sell lots of brand name clothes, but all the marks are all in different directions, rejects, hehe...
Cheers manen ah.....


wow more abubot to fill your living room. The stuff their selling looks a hell of alot better than the flea markets in my place. We usually have them on weekends and on the summer time. They usually sell kitchen gadgets that break after an hour. Matching jeans and jean jackets in funky colors like orange and green, and tools. My dad would buy those 10 shirts for 10 dollar deals and would give them as pasalubongs in pinas. Those things rip after 3 washes LOL. Hey if you find any old cameras there steal it for me.


Hi Jane,

Flynn mentioned in one of his letter about you being in Ireland and other countries your job sends you. That was cool, you get to travel a lot.

I've seen those inverted check marks in the Philippines and I haven't seen one here. But, fake T-shirts, blouses and jeans looking like branded products, a lottt.

No chocolates but supermarkets have those and puts them in sale. Though they sell(mercato) big bars of home made chocolates filled with "buong"(whole) nuts like pistachio, nociola etc....

Ciao Trublue,

Mercato opens as early as 7:30, specially during summer, until 1:00 PM only during Tuesdays. No entrance fee. During winter, they close a certain road here for the flea market. Where as during summer, they do it in this wide parking lot.

Maybe the statue you've got is the Venus de Milo or the Aphrodite of Melos.

Not much of 'Kababayans' here in our little place and its a working day so just us housewives hehehe. If its on Sundays and its held at our neighboring island(LIDO) probably they'll flock and block the way.

Hehehe yeah those stuffs and they're actually being bought. I'd rather buy a shirt with nothing printed on it or shoes of cheaper brand than those.

If there's an antique camera Russel, I'll keep it.(LOL)

Right, most of the dry goods sold at the flea markets are of low quality. If we'll send it back home, they'll say, "penge na lang ng pera at mag-uukay-ukay na lang ako!"

Carpets are sold by Moroccans, watches, belts and leathers buy Indians, Beads and those baskets by black Africans, Clothes in fad by the Chinese and others would be by the Italians. There are also these ethnic things sold by South Americans, we didn't take a shot.


The baskets have got to be made in the Philippines. Ginaya ng Africans. Hehehe.

bill bilig jr

those look like they are new products. for some reason, akala ko ang flea market ay for second hand or used goods.

by the way, ano pala ibig sabihin ng ciao? i'm assuming hello, but i'm not sure. dito kasi sa pinas it means to eat hehe.


Hmmm, looks like Divisoria a hehehe... But I haven't seen antiques in Divisoria though. You must have had a good time going through all those stuff =)


'Parang nga' Ma'am Chyt. Specially the trays which are made of pine needles like we used to do in home economics back in elementary.

Our crafts back home are classier specially the pang export type.Color combination of their works looks so fancy to me.

Bill, ciao has two meanings here: hi or hello if you'll use it as hi or hello. goodbye naman if you are to leave.

Almost all are brand new except for some old curtains they sometimes sell. I think flea market sells anything inexpensive, unusual article, object of art aside from antiques and second hand stuffs. (Bigla kung tinanong si mareng thesaury). Thanks.

Ciao Layad,

Enjoy if 'may datung hehehe'...

What makes us go there often are the vegetables, fruits and fish. Its cheaper and fresher.

I also go to the 'mercato' for my son's jeans. With the price of 5 euros compared to what you buy from the boutiques and mall 'na' 15 to 60 euros. 5 na lang, kids out grow their clothes fast anyway.


lovelyn, i agree with you. i also buy most of my daughter's clothes from the night market (it's what we have here in Taiwan) except when there are "change of season" sales in children's stores. Clothes here are expennsive, very expensive that is! They'll outgrow them anyway. So far, what I bought were able to last the desired duration and I still keep them for future use, not that kind that deteriorates after 3 washings as you've mentioned about. :)


Same here Jane, people wait for SALDI or sale that happens when stores change their RTW's for the next season.

Really expensive specially if you convert the prizes into pesos. Considering most are made in China like United Colors of Benetton, Disney etc...

We invest more on shoes for the kids and theirs are more expensive than ours. Then they only use it for a short period of time.


Wow shopping! I like flea markets or tiangge makes me feel like going to Hill Top!


Yeah Tina, I remember Hill Top, you can't move anymore, grabe tao.

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