Sunday, 30 September 2007


Sun Star Baguio had published my husband's first entry on his blog. "My First Born And His Fear Of Boats " made it to the papers HERE:

I was so excited as I searched for my mobile phone to call up Boogie who was on his way to work. I have to tell him about the Sun Star news. I found my phone under the sofa and it was off. Strange. I just charged it last night. I switched it on and "Enter PUK Code" flashed. Deng, I have no idea where I kept my SIM's data. Boog's might have kept it. So, I have to call and use the land phone that will us cost much.


Lukie: (came from the bedroom) Si (yes) Mama?

Mama: Did you switch off my phone?

Lukie: Si ma', non si re arriva(Yes, but it does not come back). I was trying to fix it for you Mama!

"Our first born"
is in to fixing things for us lately. Now, I have to buy another Sim card as I don't know where to find my PUK code.

Two weeks ago, I switched off the computer and I forgot to take off the camera's memory card. (Danger!) We almost lost all our files and all the photos stored in the PC. Boogie was able to save most of it except the original copies of my blog entries. He had to do so many reinstalling and the only damage made by my mistake was we didn't have audio until yesterday.

Same week, Lukie and Dylan dropped the PlayStation when they were having a "tag of war" with the joy stick. Boogie took it to the repair shop.

As if things were meant to happen the same week
, I pressed the Magic Mic's power too hard that the button was embedded and stuck inside. So we can't sing but its good Boogie was able to open and fix it. But, he has to do "the process" before we could use this mic.

Every time my husband gives our kisses and leaves for work, he tells us this, "I'll go guys, try not to break something please!"

Mama:(thinking) Yeah great, I'm SOOO really included! I envy the cavemen's life. How did they do it?



Congrats to Boog. I like the first photo. Lukie has that "he he he" look. Like he just did something bad, but you have to figure it out.

Oh my the magic sing is broken!!!
let me guess?? "my way?" "wonderful tonight?". We have one and I only allow my wife to use it when theres a blackout.

You guys should really back up your files just in case the comp crashes. Those things aren't reliable at all. Partition your hard drive or get an external drive.....forget that get a new MICROPHONE!!!!


It's easy to pull some strings when you are connected to someone in the media lol! I didn't understand what I wrote till now ha ha.



It's such a heartwarming article. Great job to your husband! You should invest in a back-up drive!


Abaaahh!! Palakasan to talaga! Hahaha! Great read and story...
Ramon Dacawi is my older sister Caroline's classmate and "barkada" during their years at UB. He was very smart also.
Cheers and goodhealth.

Bill Bilig

Wow. Very good read. Heartwarming as kk said and fun too. Congrats to you both :-)


Medyo nagkamali nga agpayso, about mentioning my sistah's name, hehe..
Soon the puzzle will be solved, and wala ng mystery. Hope Ramon D won't remember her, hahahaha....
If I'm not mistaken, Ramon used to write in UB's campus newsletter called "Focus", I can still see in my vision how that newsletter looks like up to now. Regardless, Ramon is to me considered an "institution" in Baguio's media circle and should be awarded a "lifetime achievement award" for all his dedicated works all these years.
He won't remember me coz he was one of those elite (talents) in UB campus, heck, I even didn't bother talking to my sis when she's with her classmates ta kababain. Her classmates might say something like
"brother mo didiay?, maysa isuna nga bartek idtoy campus?", seeeee! I knew what they would have said, hehe....
She's still teaching english both high school and college (I think).
Will not divulge this time what place, and name of school tapno the puzzle continues. As always, cheers and goodhealth.

Bill Bilig

Thanks Lovelyn, looking forward to it :-) Heheh, muntik ng mabisto kung sino si Trublue.

For some reason, I thought Ramon Dacawi is on his 30s. Kala ko ka-age mate natin :-)


Nothing will change even the mystery will be uncovered. Trublue will always be Trublue.

Hehehe sobra naman. You don't even bother to talk to your sister before hahaha.

Funny cause I will not know Ramon Dacawi if I wasn't introduced to my husband. Maybe one of the reasons why he married me. The pony boys were even teasing me back then why I don't know his father, "Anya ka met, haan mo talaga nga am-ammo?" Kulang na lang they'll tell me I'm dumb hahahaa. Just shows I only read the obituaries.

Pa Mondax is a very intelligent wise-man with a good heart. That's what I always pray my children would become.

When my children shows their intelligent side, my husband would say, "Dacawi gayam". If they're naughty or irritating, they're all mine!

Ciao Bill,

I'll keep 'kulitizing' them back home garud.

That's new. RD being 30yesh hehehe. Don't worry, for sure it would make him laugh.

Was kind'a hesitant to write the connection 'ta kababain' but just like what I've said before, "People who are dear to us should know and feel how much we love them while they're still around. Otherwise, these words would be merely words."

Bill, I remember you once wrote about what real journalism is. I heard that before from my Pa in law. That's why he prefers writing at the sport page.


Hi Russel,

Thanks. Photo was taken when he just got down from his school bus.

We don't know those songs(LOL).

Boogs went to buy an external hard drive last Friday. Now its installed, guess we're safe.


So that's a tip, its better if we don't understand what we write! Nahh, just to acknowledge your comment so you won't feel ignored(LOL)

Thanks Tina,

The husband just bought TrekStor. Don't know if if its a good brand.

Hehehe Trublue! Palakasan for a father's pride that his son could write pala...

We'll ask about your sister the next time we'll talk to to him. Ahahh, that's a clue on who is Trublue hahaha!

Grazie e Boun Salute!

Hi Bill,

About my Lolo's award, they know what year it was but they don't know the definite award giving body. They said they'll research for it and I'll give it to you soon as they'll have the complete data.

Thanks again and as you always say, "cheers nga kuna ni Trublue"!

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