Wednesday, 19 September 2007


I prefer walking around the house barefooted. Its one of the things you do when you want to really feel at home. With this, I never fail to touch our kitchen stove or the oven ending up electrocuted. I meant with the "ground" (Bzzztttt!!!), where your body jerks pulling out a shrieking sound that the voltage shock crack out from you. Lately, its a normal scenario that sends Boogie and Lukie to the kitchen.

By the way we don't have rats nor cockroaches in the house. The cartoon might be sending the wrong message hahaha...(keeps me wondering though - why I haven't seen one in my entire stay here).

Mama: Aaargghhh!!!!!

Boogie: What happened? (who came from the bedroom
and still asks when he knew why)

Mama: Ground!!!

Lukie: Don't worry Mama, you'll be OK. (with a sympathetic look)

Mama: Si Amore, grazie!

Boogie: 'Am'mom gamin nga adda ground, nasaka-saka ka pay laeng!' (You knew that there is a ground but you're still with your bare feet).

Later that day as I was giving Lukie his bath, I asked the husband to boil a pot of water for our son's pasta.

Boogie: 'Aaargghhh! Oh mennn!' (note: shouted from the kitchen louder than mine).

He then came to the bathroom smiling and said:

Boogie: 'Ayeh hon, 'grabe gayam' (its strong)! It was my ear that touched the oven as I was bending for the bin. Its like my ear was about to split.

Mama: 'Nakasaka-saka ka gayam' (You were bare footed that's why).

Then our laugh chorused.

Boogie: Nakarma ak ketdin(I had a bad karma).

Mama: Yeah, what goes around, comes around!

Our uncontrollable chuckles left our son staring at us with the look: My folks are nuts!

(note: while laughing, I saw my feet wearing Boogie's slippers)



Well that cartoons explains everything. If you get grounded your hair spikes up. Meron pang OHM's law. Where did you get find that LOL!!!! Its like an electricians version of batibot.

I dont know how your outlets look like over there. Theres usually a third prong to keep your appliances grounded. You should really have an electrician check that out. Its a pretty simple procedure.

I took 3 years of electrical installation in High school and all I can say is that...dam I wish I paid attention all those 3 years.


Whew, looks like the electrical plan in your house is not that good huh! How come the "grounding" effect is that significant? What if it were your kids who get grounded? Piman da pay siguro nga makigtot.
You should ask an expert to check that out.


Hi Ruzzel,

That Batibot(lol) was from Google "search images". Do they still have that show there?

Yeah there's a third wire and Boogie's going to work on it. IF HE GETS BZZZTTTT AGAIN!LOL!

Thanks for the advice.

Ciao Jane,

Its just a matter of tying that third wire or third prong(as Russel calls it)to the pipe of the heater - which the husband said its easy to do but seems forever before he'll move the oven and get it on...

Ay, don't ask me about the explanation of grounding as the Teletubbies didn't show me how hahaha!


Voltages, OHMS, Grounds, etc., have to admit, know nothing about these things. Electricity just petrifies the hell out of me, and I'm not kidding. One of the best invention for humankind but too lethal at the smallest of mistake.
Yes, have an expert investigate the cause as it might be worst than expected. Cheers!


True Trublue! Lethal at the smallest of mistake...

Electricians here are by appointments, hard to locate, in demand and names their high price. Makes you think of the Philippines where high school students from the public schools could do the the job.

Thanks! Got to nag the husband for this. :-)


I, too, love going barefoot and can usually find my slippers under the dining table where I usually take them off at breakfast.

Wearing slippers may not prevent harm all the time as your hands or hair may be wet and come into contact with the defective wires.

I hope everyone in your home stays safely away until the situation is resolved. And if you're renting, bug your landlord to get it fixed. It's his problem, too.


Hi Ma'am Lisa,

Its good you know where to find your slippers. For us here, we hide it from the baby because he chews it. Later, we end up forgetting where we've put these slippers.


Bill Bilig

Heheh, oy dapat ayusin na yung electrical problems an iyan at baka may matuluyan.

Nice cartoons :-)


Thanks Bill!

Wen garud. Ayus na met ketdin.

Got to go check on your blog ta you're back na gayam...

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