Thursday, 13 September 2007

On Generosity - Part II: FOR PA' MON

A tribute to the most generous man I know, who encourages generosity in his articles like his favorite song - "Me & Bobby McGee", being played over and over again:

He himself took these precious pictures, he calls "them" his treasures.

beng, ma and boogie

For Pa' Mon

Shrinking confidence almost stopped this entry.
On thoughts of not making sense, I may be.
But, I'd rather take those mockery
Than to keep my silence on your birthday.

I met your son and he proudly said his name.
Manong Norman told me, "You don't know his father? What a shame".
Then I started to read your articles at the Midland Courier,
Orbituary is no longer "the news", now, that's clear.

I mistook your silence when we were first introduced.
Oh, he doesn't like me, I supposed.
Soon I have learned from that silence-
Is a father's boundless and selfless patience.

I never knew Fred Mayo, Steve Hamada nor Pepot
Their grandeur you let us remember, they may even be long gone.
The shaping of Baguio's journalism was their heroism outcry.
Them you always say, "fellow newsmen who joined the great newsroom in the sky".

boogie:shoe shine

I felt like a celebrity when Willy Cacdac once approached me.
"This is our 'apo'!" echoed the room as he hugged Lukie.
He told me, " Your Papa, we are like brothers".
Didn't I saw uncle Jo? Now I'm bothered.

Nino Joshua and her mother Datsu's struggle to Noni's story,
Julian Cheese's achievements to the jokes of March and Uncle Swanny,
Concerts for a cause by Conrad Marzan and our local folk singers
How could all this these fit in the heart's limited chambers?

I once received an e-mail asking who is Freddie De Guzman?
Him I know nothing but an inspirational man.
All of them samaritans who give hope for the sick and souls that are dying-
May they forever be blessed for their unselfish giving.

mama becca and boogs

How could I not include the books you shared us.
Tuesdays With Morrie to Gilead to all Of Richard Paul Evans
My once limited romance and John Grisham read,
Now invaded with the taste of Russel Baker and Charlie Shedd.

So much more there is to write about you,
But words are groping, its starting to show.
Again Pa, from great distance we send our love
Have a happy birthday, we miss your hug.

He once wrote us: "I realised I'm chasing stories not my own, forgetting I too have my life to tell..." We're glad he started to write them now HERE:. My children are very lucky. They'll have that "past" as they continue writing the pages of their story, our family's story...



that third pic...boog?? carbon copy of


Wow! Lovelyn didn't know that you are connected with celebrities of Cordillera! I just knew that you are a person worth hanging-out with.

Happy Birthday to your Pa' Mon!


Yes its Boogs RuZZel! Lukie's age too, 5 y/o. Can't upload all, his Pa is really good in taking portraits. I wish you could see all and I want to hear your comment on it.

LOL Tina,

Celebrities? You'll make them laugh!

Was kind'a hesitant to say the connection cause of some obvious reasons like my limited jargon and their privacy but what the heck..."People you love must know and feel how much you care for them, proud of them and you appreciate what they are doing. It would be merely words if they will not be around anymore to hear or read what you want to say."

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