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Did I Get It Right This Time?

my turn

your turn

As early as three years old, its compulsory for our children here in Italy to attend 'Scoula Materna', three years preparatory before going to Grade I. This year is Lukie's last year before he goes to the "school of the big ones" as he calls it.
'Scoula Materna' was more on "play school". They give more emphasis on the children having "fun" with expressing themselves through art, reading books, toys, singing and games.
Anyway, before I get far out of the topic I had in mind - which is Lukie's FIRST DAYS of school. Note that its DAYS as Lukie had been having those momentous event for the fifth time today. I was trying to write those 5 years into 1 paragraph. I can't! I'll just make a count.

mama's famous gate, my very first

1.First day at daycare. Lukie was only 1 year and 10 months old back then. It was a big decision for me and Boogie to even think of leaving Lukie that young to other's care. We were left with no choice as coping up with the piling bills wont be that easy for a couple who is new in a country. The slot for 10 toddlers was completed but my employer helped to put Lukie as the first priority on the waiting list. We have to wait for at least 1 baby to "cry loud and be out" (Hahaha) before our son would be accepted. School started September and we had the call mid November (2003). So, we were requested to go to the school next Monday.

My little toddler was more excited on going out of the house as he still doesn't know that this day starts his life to be away from Mama. Boogie has to go to work so just mother and son went for the big day. The gate was already close but I was there on time as instructed. Oh well, I can just press the buzzer.
Of course good Mamas bring their cameras, so "pictures first" and capture the first among all the first days of school. Done! So, I buzzed and we went in. A lady came to meet us by the door with a puzzled face. 'Ayyy' WRONG! Day care was transfered to another building 500 meters away 3 years ago. Read more on this post HERE:
look at your lola's camera

2. Lukie's 2 years and 8 month old - One more year for day care before 'Scoula Materna' and I entered the right gate this time. Does it have to do with my husband pushing the stroller? Viviana and Enesta, Lukie's teachers welcomed us 3.
3. 'Scoula Materna' 3 years old - its the gate where we went on my son's first day at day-care, I got it right and Boogie is not around :-).

4. 2nd year for 'Scoula Materna': Gate was open, we had our pictures taken first by Boogs. The cleaning lady stopped us by the door saying we're 2 hours early and teachers are giving attention to the new first timer kids. " You come back at 10:30", she said. Note that the husband was with us.

5- Today - Kinder at 5 years old. I got it right this time with Dylan on his stroller watching his brother play with his friends. Lukie and his best friend Alessandro were taking each other's picture with my son's immaginary camera.
I could see how happy Lukie as he joins his classmates for the gate to open.

Everytime a friend of his comes, they hug and it was really sweet to see them. I've seen how they missed each other. I wonder what's up when he goes to Grade 1?



Time really flies so fast, ain't it? The next thing you'll know is Dylan's time to school.


You're right Jane. Then soon, we will lost count of their firsts...


My goodness! Your cute little boy is now a handsome little man Lovelyn!

3 year prep? Wow, that's quite a lot of schooling. Does the government handle that or does it have to be private?


Hi Tina,

He really thinks he is a young man but when he needs Mama's help, he'll say, "Im still a bambino(little boy)....".

Its the government. You basically don't pay anything except for their 2.60 euros/daily lunch ticket and 15eu bus/monthly. Papers, colors or all school supplies are provided(prep only). They'll start to bring their own "paraphernalias" at Grade I.
Important thing is at least one parent has a job and pays his tax.

One of the reason why we prefer to live here, Free hospitalization(though not so satisfactory), almost free meds and affordable education "as long as we have a job." Government schools are as good as private schools.

If your income is above the minimum(not sure of the figure cause we are not covered hehehe), you'll pay more than the usual.


Oh no!, please don't let your kids
share/drink from same bottle. Not
good at all, trust me.

As echoed by Jane and Tina (this is funny coz my wife's name is Jane
and my late mom is Tina, haha), your two bambinos will be all of a sudden young studs and be on their own, having their own bambinos and
bambinas. See how quick that was, and now Lovelyn is a lola like magic, hehe...

Even up to this day, can't believe
my babydaughter has a baby that I'm
babysitting and love every minute of it. It's actually my second grandson (my daughter lost the first one at five months stillborn)
almost two years ago.
Yes madam, time goes fast but just enjoy every minute of their daily lives and again, lots of pics.

Nice photos of Boogs mom and him, those black and white pics does brings a lot of memories.
Cheers and goodhealth.


Ciao Trublue,

How I wish my son would obey if I tell him not to share his bottle of drink.

For sure you're enjoying every minute with your 'apo' and no doubt there's a lot of spoiling with that hehehe...

My what a coincidence, your father's name is Ramon, Mom=Tina and TruPink is Jane. That only means you're stuck with us and for you to keep those comments coming(its a sign hahaha).

Thanks for the photo comment, it was taken by his Papa.

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