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On Generosity - Part I

Novice Blogger posted about
"Generosity" on his "The Broken
and I thought of writing about it too - randomly. Part of not having something to write about and getting away from obsessive writing on parenting, let me punch in my blah-blah-blahs.

Generosity in the blog-sphere:

This is what really prompted me to do this entry. There is this blog site I always visit. Since I'm impressed with most of his "finds" and posts, I express what I feel with what I have just read. I leave my "comments" no matter how absurd it is. Its my way of saying, "thank you for taking my time to read your blog".

How funny when you think you're being generous with "comments" when others think you are a stalker hahaha. Once, I commented first time somewhere and said, " ... btw, I'm a fan not a stalker". I guess, the more he got scared :-).

Personally, I find those people who leave their marks every where (I mean commenting) having a healthy well rounded personality. It takes pride and prejudices to encourage hatred.

Having that generosity to appreciate, to express your thoughts or to even disagree or correct what you have just read or seen are some ways on building bridges instead of walls the "blogger's way".

Well yeah, why don't we comment anonymously and not link our site? How about if I consider sincerity by saying "so that's you, come and get to know me too".
I don't know if its just me but I've observed that those who leave comments signed anonymously are always cynical with the topic posted.

How ironic when we talk of the government to do the right thing or peace or heal the world when we don't know how to make an effort to reach out.

Being generous with words to a complete stranger may be absurd but we never know, it might be the start of breaking those walls of indifference or simply -where the good starts...


Bill Bilig

Very well said about commenting on other blogs. One of the reasons why I comment a lot [hehehe] is that the commenters are the ones who encouraged me to go on blogging when I was just starting.

Talaga? They thought you were a stalker? Shouldn't that person be happy because you visit his/her site? Strange ano.

Now, let me thank you for taking my time to read your blog :-)


hmmm...your blog encouraged me tuloy to comment he he he... you've got a lot of fresh and unguarded, honest, deep ideas and hey, I'm learning a lot from you. Your ideas makes me think! ;-)

go girl! go on encouraging others to share their good ideas and spreading, leaving your wisdom around...;-) :D

-from one of your fans...he he he...

Novice Blogger

Natawa naman ako sa "leaving marks" part. I know someone who's like that. I also admit meron din time na I leave marks everywhere, tuwing idle moments sa office, just to say hi. And I like it when I stumble upon some blogs like this na parang at home ka lang magvisit and magcomment. Hehe. Minsan may mga blogs na parang exclusive rin talaga. You comment then you're left wondering kung sino na kausap mo dun.

Oh well, stalker's visit or not, i think it would still be appreciated since at least you give traffic to the site. Eto ata ang difference rin ng blogoshpere and networking sites like friendster. Parang sa blogosphere ok lang maging stalker since may traffic nga and minsan it's not the person himself or herself that you're obsessed with but it's his or her ideas. On the other hand, it's a different story when it comes to networking sites. :)


There are some "bloggers" out there not worth revisiting for simple reason, you are not even acknowledged. I'm a full-time night surfer (not a stalker, or maybe but a good one, hehe), and if I found a site that interests me, I jumped to the comments section ASAP to confirm that said "blogger" exchanges pleasantries with the commenters.
I made one mistake before and I'm not that type to make same mistake twice.
If you were wondering why I'm not a blogger, Bill and Cheryl of Smorgasboard of Random Thoughts asked me to create my own BLOG many months ago. I tried and was going thru all the motions and after almost four hours, accomplished none. It's good I didn't torched my PC! Again, I'll say I'm a caveman in this regard!!
That's why I'm ever so impressed to see all of you (sites I frequently visit) make all kinds of changes on how your site would look, add pics, remove pics, borrow pics, can't do those things!! It's okay though to laugh at my miseries, hehehe.....
Cheers to all and goodhealth as well....keep blogging and I'll keep reading.


Thank's Bill! That's why your blog is being blessed, you know how to give back and share what you have!

There's this virtual friend(more of imaginary friend daw) who was my first and only commenter when I was starting to blog. Every time I read his comment, gives me that feeling 'na meron din palang nagbabasa' and that had kept me writing 'kahit' nonsense na hahaha...

Never mind the stalker thing. He has his reasons and I understand that we're not all the same. That differs us from one another 'nga kunada.'

Ciao Salome,

Fan daw o,'re giving disclaimers reason to roll their eyes :-)

Finally, nagparamdam ka. I know how busy you are. Thanks for that encouraging comment. You too, keep on writing your inspiring thoughts.

Hi Novice Blogger,

Mother figure ang tawag dyan siguro kaya ka at home dito hehehe...Naku inaming oldy na raw o!:-)

Seriously, you're right. There's a big difference between admiring their works from admiring them as a person. Justified na ang pagiging stalker ko ha :-).

Whatever be the reasons on "leaving our marks" every where, there will always be someone who is happy with what we are doing.

Sayang Trublue,

Your blog will be the first on my "must clicks" even if it would mean that my husband's site would be my second choice hahaha! Joke, joke Boog's site is the best plus he pays the bill for the Internet :-)...

Its convenient to all of us for you not to have your own site. Aside from you get to blog hop more, you are also "blogging uniquely". For me you hold the "comment blogger" title.

I bet every one will agree that if 'Trublue' comments on your blog, you must be be doing something right. Just like Bill's blog.

Cheers to all and 'grazie tutti'!


Hi Lovelyn,
Thanks for this post. I think it's really important to leave comments just to tell the writer that he/she isn't just writing without an audience. When we blog, it's a way of reaching out to the world.

I keep telling people that blogging took me out of my depression. I was depressed believe it or not because it was such a big change from being successful in a corporate environment then suddenly becoming a nobody. It was rough in my mind because I couldn't voice it out to my husband nor to my family back in Baguio. Telling people you are depressed while they see you as being blessed because all I have to do is to take care of my baby and wait for the pay check to come.
I'm a working person and I don't do too well sitting idle having my nails and toes painted at a spa.



Thanks Tina for that inspiring and very true add up!

I realized for all my 33 years, I only had a pedicure done by another person once and it was by my sister. I've never been to a spa and I only use Nivea Cream, Top Gel and baby powder for my face and a lipstick that had been in my diaper bag older than my second son.(lol)

Yeah Tina, we share the same experience. You see, if not because of exchanging "says" through our blogs, there are a lot of things we will never know. Add up that we're away from Pinas where you can just go out and find someone to talk with. When you're the foreigner, its really a different story.

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