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RAMON 1959-62

Post 21: Lolo Ramon's Story

"Carlos P. Garcia (1957-1961) and Diosdado Macapagal (1961-65) were the presidents during my second term as the town's representative, 1959 to 1962."

"Ramon P. Mitra Sr. who was the Congressman before was introduced by Bado and he became an instant friend. He was a regular guest at home who said, "Ramon, Meding's coffee is what makes us visit you!" and we often burst into laughter when he says it like he meant business. Bado, Ramon Mitra, me, Meding and other friends usually go to the mountains for a shooting contest. We used bottles or bottle caps nailed on a tree as our target. Meding, the only woman joining would always win. She would jokingly say, "My father taught me how to shoot to make the men behave!" and we all agreed with her on that."

"The former Ambassador Mines that was started by Amekano was opened again under Bado's financing on 1956. It was managed by his assistant (name concealed) who works for him in his bus company. Net from the said mines were corrupted by this assistant that made Bado close the mines on the early 60's."

"One of the advantages of being a mayor and knowing people gave me the opportunity to help people from my town get employments. The Department of Public Highways never failed me when I send them my recommendables. Many from Ambassador became 'kamaneros'(work as road maintainers) because of the department's generosity. Another is Bado's bus company - jobs were always available for my 'kaili-ans'("people from my town)".

"I never had the income to sustain my family specially their education. I would have all the power to use my position in making my self rich but I never considered that. Its just wasn't me. Many times our table would only have 'camote' and I could see that my children are not happy with it. It hurts me but I am a proud old man. I'd rather feed my family with what we worked for rather than feasting on a stolen meal."

"My children except the two youngest were all studying in Baguio. It would have not been possible if the Catholic Jesuits had not helped. In 1958, these priests had come to Ambassador to spread the religion. We offered our home as the place for the Sunday Masses. Meding loved cooking for these priests specially if they praise her brewed coffee. And for me, I would always be in debt to them for my children's education".

"Only Eddie attended high school at the Eastern Philippine Colleges. For Mary and Betty, in exchange for free board and lodging at the girl's dormitory in SLU, they are in charge of cleaning the whole dormitory. Only their tuition fee was what I have to pay."

"Juling married at the age of 16 to Arsenio and they're living with us in Ambassador."

"Danny had a full scholarship since he went to SLU Boy's High-1957-61. He became a 'sakristan'(altar boy) in return for his free schooling. He was to clean the Baguio Cathedral and to attend the needs of the priests."

"1958, Alex entered the the Saint Francis Seminary. Aside from he wanted to become a priest, the tuition fee would be free in Boy's High so, he joined. I was thankful that his cousin Felix Cabading, Meding's nephew was with him in the seminary . They later organized their little group of Igorot boys, 'The Pangit Squad'. Francis Boliyat, Joseph Patnaan, Willy Domingues along with others whom I forgot their names were among the members".

"I never asked or dreamed for it but during my second term, I was awarded The Most Outstanding Mayor Of The Philippines. A memento hanged on the wall that will always remind me of my flaws as a provider."



Was baptized at the cathedral before your dad was a sacristan. Gosh, my late mother was such a devout catholic she drags us seven siblings every sunday. Eventually became an altar boy (anglican) since they let drink us their wine,
as opposed to the catholic where the priest only drink, 'twas unfair
don't you think. Reckon your dad must have sipped some on the side, hehe.....cheers always and goodhealth.


After reading your comment at Bill's blog about those sacred wines, I phoned up my Dad and asked if they tried drinking it. He told me, "We didn't just tried it, we always drink it". But, he was so defensive and keeps on repeating that it wasn't consecrated yet so its just an ordinary wine. Same with the holy bread saying, "adakel gayam"(so many, that's why).

He said they usually lock themselves in the 'sacristy' for these "meriendas".

Novice Blogger

Hehe. Frankly, I also know the wine-sipping escapades coz I was a sacristan as well back then. And like your dad, we of course chose those not consecrated yet. : )

And just like your Lolo Ramon, I am also indebted to the Jesuits for my college education. I would always be thankful for them.

Bill Bilig

Wow. Bigatin pala lolo mo ah, imagine he knows important politicians and was the most outstanding mayor at one time. Can you give me the info (year awarded, agency/organization who gave the award, etc) para isama natin sa Igorot achievers list :-)


Thanks Novice Blogger!

Altar boy ka din pala. Hihihi...mababait talaga mga sakristan.

Hi Bill,

Okay but give me time to call back home and beg them to locate the plaque and go research the complete details if they can't find that 'memento.

We used to see that hanged on my Lola's wall when we were kids. When she died, we don't know who among her children took it. Her house was demolished for road widening 2 years after she died.

So with most of the pictures we used to 'halungkat' in her baul when she goes to Baguio, we don't know who took it.

I'll give it to you soon. Thanks!

Bill Bilig

Thanks. Hope you'll find the memento :-)


Lovelyn, not all guys who became sacristans are mabait lol!
But yeah, working in the church as altar boys has somehow helped a number of men finish their schooling. Though for some, priests bring along their own relatives in their community to "work" for them as altar boys and "helper" in other needs.
PS. I cannot forget how funny one of the altar boys back in Acop misbehaved during masses. Agdildilat ketdin uray madama ti misa. Imbag na lang guwapo, hahaha. Anyway, he's a doctor now. I bet you'll take some time to guess who he is hehehe. Hey, don't make an overseas call huh! :)
BTW, thanks for taking time to visit my blog and leave those kind comments.


The pleasure is mine - reading your blog. I had a fruit after, didn't want to heat up the cold chicken hehehe...

Hmmnnnn he is a Dr now? From nurse to Dr. or the one whose mom is a nurse abroad? In fairness, lots of cutie altar boys in Acop ha. That's why I like going to mass there during Christmas (Midnight Mass).

San Jose Altar boys during our high school days, they spice up the mass (lol).

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