Saturday, 22 September 2007


Its almost a week now since my hard knocks in registering with BP(BlogPatrol). For those who are like me, whose computer knowledge is inadequate, BP is a free blog counter that provides transparency on your reader's activities. Statistics on how many readers you had in a day, mostly read topics, from what country are your visitors, what service provider are they using, blog referrers etc...

So far, the results are overwhelming and it inspires you to keep on writing. Though sometimes, it pressures you to maintain that stat. Good side would be, you'll make it a point to improve your site or give your best. Bad side is when you take off the fun and think of the numbers.

Anyways, back to my computer incompetence. The third time I logged-in on my first day with BP, I can't get through and this keeps on appearing "You have entered an invalid username or password."

I am very much sure though that I entered the right characters. This made me bug their BlogPatrol Support Group and they were very kind in helping me. We've been corresponding till I was able to log-in and that was after a lot of emails. It made me change my mind when I thought the world wide web are full of robots or programmed preset answers when you send your queries to such service providers. BlogPatrol actually ROCKS!
Here are some of their replies that made me say,
"With BP, Its like asking a friend to do you some favors":

Hi lovelyn,

We're happy to do the best we can to help! We've reset the password to "password" (all lowercase) for your username lovelyn (also all lowercase). Can you give it a try now?If this doesn't do it, then can you reply to these questions, which may help us to resolve this issue for you:

1. Have you always had problems logging into BlogPatrol?

2. Are you using the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser? Some users have reported problems logging into Internet Explorer.

3. Are cookies enabled in the browser that you're using?


BlogPatrol Support

Hi lovelyn,

Thanks very much for your kind words. We do the best we can... we are only a small team of "one". :-) __________________________
Hi lovelyn,

Thanks for letting us know that you're able to access your account again. =D

Yes, you're welcome to copy and paste our correspondence (and thanks a lot for asking beforehand too!). ...Just make sure not to give away your username and password! (For example, simply replace your actual username with the word USERNAME and your password with the word PASSWORD.)

We really appreciate your graciousness with helping to promote Let us know any time you have any additional questions or concerns.
BlogPatrol Support




I guess your password is PASSWORD. or maybe ralph macchio...


Nahhh Russ,

Its not PASSWORD. The BlogPatrol Support GROUP(who is actually ONE person) told me to edit his letter to PASSWORD if I'll post it.

Our Ralph Macchio is safe, don't worry! LOL


hey, thanks for this! i did want stats for my blog. very, very helpful post.

by the way, usually, when you sign up for a service, they do assign you a password first, then you log in and change it. you'll get the hang of it over time.


Bill Bilig

Wow. Nice discovery. And the support people are cool too in that they really answered your questions. Maybe I should also try this one.. although I am also using Google Analytics which is also free :-)


You're welcome Ma'am Lisa!

That's what I did first, changed my password. It has something to do with the "cookie" and my browser - Microsoft Internet Explorer that's why I can't log-in before. Until they they got fed up of me writing and did the fixing thingy hehehe..

What's funny is when readers found your blog because they're googling for "bangus", "saleng", "Ligo Sardines" and "Conrad Marsan".

Ciao Bill! You're Back, Hurry!!!

I thought when your account is upgraded, you can have those STATS. With Wordpress, like my husband's site, they have this datas but not as complete as BlogPatrol.

Oh yes, he/she who handles the support group may even give love advises if I'll ask hahaha. Seriously, he/she is great! Replies fast and seems awake 24 hours to answer my questions :-)

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