Thursday, 6 September 2007


Before we go shopping to fill up our pantry, I usually make a list of the things we're going to buy. A list I usually forget at home and makes me scratch my head when we're already at the supermarket.

Since Lukie knows how to write and read at the age of 5, he sometimes do the scribbling while I tell him what we need.

Mama: (opening the fridge) Ok, we need milk, eggs, cheese...

Lukie: (writing c-h-e) Wait Ma, how do you write cheese?

Mama: C-H-E-E-Z-E.
Lukie: No, its not! Its "s".

Mama: Honey, its with a "z". I am your mom, you're asking me and I know what I'm telling you.

Lukie: (Getting angry now) No, its "s".

Mama: Wait here, I'll go get the dictionary...Honey, when there are words you do not know what it means or you want to check on the spelling, you use this dictionary (while teaching him how to locate the words alphabetically)... Then 'huhahh', we both found the CHEESE!

How embarrassing! To redeem my motherhood I told him that I'm sorry I made a mistake and we both concentrated on how to use the dictionary.



hahahaha, funny you! :) good thing your son didn't tell you "hey mama, you should get back to school with me" or "ma, shouldn't I be the one teaching you spelling?".
Anyway, I think one of the things that motherhood adds to us is ZEST - that's why you insisted cheese to be cheeze. EErrr, is it a good excuse. Or maybe, it was just a brain lapse (a term i've learned from my friend, hehehe).


Yaaay...that's real funny and very embarrassing you're being corrected by your son. A good lesson for you maybe, hehe...
My share of that kind was the word
"inspite". After reviewing so many performance evaluations, I let this one slide as I was so cocksure of it's correctness. When my immediate boss told me to have it changed coz "inspite"
was two words, I had the audacity to tell him, "are you sure???" in a low tone, of course. He was so serious and never seen him like that, and just said "please correct the problem". I had the darn thing retyped then consult Mr Webster after he left. That's why I always adhere to the rule that goes like this: Rule #1 - the boss is always right, Rule #2 - if you're in doubt, see rule #1!!
When I became boss years later, I placed such Rules on my desk, hehe.....cheers and goodhealth to your la famiglia.


Hi Jane,

Yeah, brain lapse is better :-) Another is we're motivating them to think hahaha. Its a test if they're making use of their fresh brain.

Thanks for the visit. Hope to drop by your blog soon. I don't know your url and I'm excited to add it in my blog-roll.

Salve Trublue,

Embarrassing 'talaga'. Worst was I imposed my being the mother as the reason of why I am right.

I can imagine your face when you asked the boss, "are you sure?"(in a low tone) hahaha

That rule makes sense, bosses weren't put there for no reason.

I don't even know that "inspite" should be 2 words. So much to learn - need to know more 'nga agpaysu'


yan kasi, alam ko cheeze wiz ang iniisip mo. Shopping list isn't necessary. Just go thru every isle and pick out the ones you need. This requires very little time but then again your a woman. You guys take forever to shop..even for toothpicks!!!

go lukie!!

Bill Bilig

Hahaha, fun read. I hope Lukie won't tease you about it in the future :-) The English language and spelling is really tricky. Paiba-iba ang rules, pronunciation, etc, etc. Thanks for this post.


Right ruZZel,

Cheeze Wiz nga ata! I didn't think of that for an excuse, thanks.

I make a list cause every time we go home, I always forget what was the reason we went to buy in the first place like the toothpick.

On birthdays, I usually forget the candles. Speaking of birthdays, someones turning a year older on Monday. Wonder if he'll go for a beer or baking his own cake?

Hay naku Bill!

You're right about the English words. Specially so that pronunciation for ABC and spelling a word for Italian and English are totally different.

Italians pronounce CE as CHE and CI with CHEE eg: Cina (chee-na)and the word means China which they have to change even if its a Proper noun.

Lukie once wrote UNAITED STAITS OF AMERIKA following the rule: "Syang bigkas sya ring bay-bay" which the Italians also do adhere to.


Yours is an understandable error. You probably grew up eating pandesal, Kraft Cheezy stuffed within. So you thought if the adjective is cheezy, then it should follow that cheese is cheeze.

A cheese spelled any other way would taste just the same. Promise.


Ciao Ma'am Chyt!

Hihihi... naging makabayan ang dating. Local 'pay ud iman si Maman tuna'. True, my fondness of 'pandesal and Cheeze Wiz might have something to do with my understandable mistake.

Thanks for making 'silip'. Pwera etchus, your blog is 'pang' world class. Sort of, "Hey, here's a taste of an Igorot blogger. Take that!" Kudos to you and hope you don't mind me adding you on my "Must Clicks".


hi there. you can visit met here there's really not much to see. :)


Thanks Jane. I'll go visit your site later.

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