Saturday, 8 May 2010


"BUONA FESTA PER TUTTI LE MAMMI!", as they say it here. AUGURI PER TUTTI NOI(cheers to us all)!

Its just another celebration we barely remember the date it falls. You'd only be aware of the day when greetings everywhere fan out the feast. For some its a special day because other say it is. But for most of us, its one of the best time to be articulate on our forever indebtedness to mothering itself and to the person or persons who gave us this.

Yesterday, I came home from my Friday 3 hour part time job and found Lukie's gift waiting for me in my closet. A book mark, a card and 4 pages of poems with drawings of Mama he made at school. He read me all what he wrote and of course, tears can't stop but flow specially when you're holding it back. Although the teachers told them what to write and helped them do these gifts, still is magical to hear and know that you're appreciated.

Then after having my lunch of grated carrots and rocket leaves topped with tuna that Boogs had prepared, I took Lukie and Dylan out for a walk to the ice cream parlor. Giving now my husband a quiet house for that sleep he needed before going to his night shift work.

We dropped by for some groceries before heading home and started cooking for dinner. 4 "busy" pots on the stove while I wash the dishes from lunch are easier to do than to shush the kids every minute, so as not to wake their father up. Then we ate. Boogs left and I took Dylan to bed. The little one slept, Lukie played with his PSP and I washed the dishes... yeah, again. I made sure the kitchen is clean and remembered to load the washing machine.

Just as I sat down and switched on the laptop for that long awaited rest, Dylan woke up coughing and vomited all over him and on our bunk. Fully dozed, I transferred him on Lukie's bed so I can change the sheets. Then he vomited again soaking Lukie's linens, quilt and all. Our bed is now clean, I took Dylan back and he slept sweetly for the rest of the night while I brush off all his soiled clothes and beddings.

These run down of my mothering around is not to count what I did but to compare it with my mom who did not have two kids but 6. How was it possible for her? Aside from a full time mom, she also works as a wholesaler of vegetables at the Baguio Public market where she has to wake up early as 4 o'clock A.M. to catch her 18 kilometers ride to the city. She also does the inventory of my dad's farming and contracting business and would often see her exhausted at night calculating fertilizer expenses to bags of cement used that day. Then yes, there's us to feed and bathe. I just can't figure out how she did it with no microwave, washing machine, prams and pushchairs. To think also that age gap between us 6 siblings is not more than two years. Mama did all these for 12 years before Anemia took her.
I really can't remember if I ever made Mother's Day special for my Mama Normie. I don't know if I made her a card from school, greet her or did I ever let her feel I treasured everything of her. A twelve year old is not young to know and I will forever regret that. Nevertheless, I am sure that her BIG and unconditional LOVE will always understand me. This I know because I am now a mother too.

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