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The Face Behind The Blog AND 7 Random Facts/Habits About Themselves

Aysus! Another tag from TINA . Busted! Why? The first rule said post a picture of you that is not currently online. Oh well, my photos are here and there. Yep, (with the background music of: “You’re So Vain”).

I’m scrolling over those pics and I can’t find one that wasn't posted somewhere yet! This entry might 'shoooo' away readers.

I admit, I can’t be behind the camera cause I’m a shaky photographer and all I know is shoot, shoot, shoot. Definitely no artistic mode on that field so I surrendered and said, “Come on, shoot me Papa!” Lucky am I to have a free “pix’y publicists” in tow hikikiki...

33 years ago

Went over all my blog and I guess the only thing I wrote about “the real me” is my hair. Though my life is so transparent with all my writings - from my budding family to my ancestor’s story, this tag shouted, "Only Lovelyn please?"

college days

dating days

Then I received a message thru ‘friendster’ from NIKKI in NY that I’ve been tagged: 7 Random Facts/Habits About Themselves. I replied that I would be doing it soon but as I am working on Tina’s Tag, might as well incorporate the two. I too would be repelled reading 2 blogs of “ME ONE. ME TWO”.

I hope Tina and Nikki wouldn’t mind me doing it this way:

1. I AM GAY: Being carefree makes me lighter than my weight. You can easily make me laugh and get annoyed cause you’re not even being funny. That’s the story behind all my ‘hehehe’. Spirited smile is free and makes you young. Oh, so silly being gay. But, it could really make you happy!

33 years after and a mother of two

2. SPREAD THAT LOVE: Gave me two lovely boys with their father as the ‘yummy’ main dish. Extended say how to splash-splash LOVE: I am friendly and do not hold grudges even if people are hurting me. I always believe that there's goodness in every one. I don’t know if it’s a virtue if not a curse but indifference makes me heavy. Ask Bill Bilig and Tina, I always go comment on their blogs like we are ‘best friends’.

3. TOO BLOGGISH: Emails, friendsters, blogging and communicating thru the web is my ME time. Writing here like I am to submit an article due the next day. To some reason, its all the while practicing my typing skills. Tina’s right and I’m so ‘makulit’, how therapeutic!

4. SHE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY: I am a stay home mom who once held 4 jobs. With ‘A LUKIE’ to take to school everyday and runs all the time for the boat to get him home in the afternoon. Mothering calls for everything so with the cooking that gathers the family of three for dinner. Then Dylan came and I slowed down. Its not all money and I don’t care anymore if financially its tight. Cars, houses here or there...whatever...I still hold my say that these material things won’t kiss and hug me back!


5. RUN WALK RUN: I jog twice or thrice a week. I started it again after a loooonngg time. Another ME hour - alone out there at the beach. I thank Boogie cause coming home after an 8 hour tiring work, he takes charge of the kids and encourages me to go RUN-RUN, WALK, RUN...

6. I’M A FAN: Thumbs up to working mothers who are able to do great jobs on their careers and successful home keepers at the same time. I’ve tried it once and I can’t do it for now. I hope when Dylan goes to kinder I still know what real job means.

7. PSSHHH: Enough, did I say I was tagged? Thought I am writing a apology (but you’ve read it anyway)! Hehehe...WAIT!!! I forgot to say I'm a cry baby. I cried over the "THRILLER" of prisoners in Cebu. People are capable of being good touched me.

I too have ill sides but I'm saving it for tags such as: The Cruela Devil In You...Just in case.

This is TINA and click her site for the rules of this tag:

Now I’m tagging back Nikki with Tina’s tag. Miss Bugias again, Salome and Gandang Igorota(You may choose between Tina and Nikki's tag).



Hello Lovelyn,
Thank you for your time doing this taggie. It was fun digging for our old pictures isnt it? It kinda reminded us of ourselves. And check out that hot mama! ;) Beauty of an Igorota.

It's great that your hubby is very supportive of your me time. Mine is too but I slacked on the exercise time. I can't jog because I'm semi-flat foot. So I just walk.

I also put working on hold because I realized that taking care of my baby is more important. I was aiming to put up a trophy house in Baguio when I became an OFW here but then something changed.

Anyhow, I'm glad that I have met you online. Keep on blogging!

Bill Bilig

Thanks for the mention. Good for you that you still make time to jog. I should do that soon or else baka ma-clog na ang arteries hehe.

Btw, I believe too that there's goodness in everyone and that it's much better to spread the love around rather than holding grudges. Cheers :-)


Hahaha. OO nga pala dalawa pala meaning ng gay. Nagulat ako. Wow look at that college photo. Obvious ba anong era yan. Buking na edad. Mga hairmetal rock days yan pero naka boots wahaha


The pleasure is mine Tina! It was fun doing the tag!

My dad once said, "Ay awan piman gayam! If you want to see "aging process", look at your pictures." In fairness, hot mama ka pa naman a!

Walking is good too, you can even do your hobby(photography).

"Trophy house", It's every one's goal but I stopped aiming for it. Our "trophy kids" are worth a gazillion...that's what I've realized being a mom.

Same here, nice meeting you too!


Jogging and proper diet are keys to losing weight and goodhealth. My lifetime dream was to run any marathon but never made it half-way, maybe seven and a-half mile then I just stopped. Still run three to five miles every other day just to keep fit.
Pity the ones who are innocent but not those who hardcore criminals regardless of what they try to expose on TV or UTube. Cheers...


Ciao Bill,

I was suppose to pass the tag to you but 'nahiya ako'. Serious ba naman dun hehehe...

Having these boys, you have to be fit and clogged arteries are no-no's. They've got so much energy and I have to cope up.

Hey, I'm still working on that ad of yours...Pimp Bill :-)!


90's po Russel!

Right again, I was wearing boots that time, nakatupi palabas ang jeans para makita yung boots LOL. Btw, combat shoes...cowboy boots was after college na.

My graduation photo's back in Pinas, I was left with that photo. Now the world knows I'm 33(age yun ha)!


Right Again trublue(as always)!:-)

Running those miles and right food, that I have to keep in mind. Come to think of it, its that simple. Besides, jogging is free plus you can be out there enjoying the scenery.

I was just overwhelmed with that Thriller video. Synchronized felons swaying their hips,(aba!)that would take a lot of "soft spot" and they can be good (pala) if they want to. Pinoy out here watching their moves and not about kidnapping, floods, corruption etc...its a melodramatic event for me.

Good luck on your next marathon!


Precisely my point on jogging, it's free. All you need is a good jogging shoes (not a paid endorser but I strongly recommend New Balance shoes). Try not to follow in the footsteps of my wife who pays a one-year gym membership, visit the place once, and then forgets she is a member. Addan samet ti Alzheimer ni kulasa kon!!
She did that twice, her lame excuse was she has no time!! hahaha...
Determination, enthusiasm, and lots of discipline lang ang exercises. If a caveman like me can do it, so can you or anyone.
Marathon to me is just a dream, I know in my heart, not within reach. Cheers and goodhealth....

reyna elena

bwhahahaha ang ganda nang titaaaa hahahaah! thanks sa link! copy ko yong maliit na kunyari stolen ang epek hehehe


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