Sunday, 26 August 2007

Beach On Fire

I was awestricken by the fireworks me and the kids went to see at the beach last night. My husband was on his way coming home from work and wouldn’t be able to see the show, so I had to backpack the boys, camera and tripod on my own.

Still exhausted also from the clutter of people, cars and baby push chairs after the fireworks display, I’ll make it an excuse for – “You’re just a Google away”.

Here’s an article from our place, Cavallino's -Treporti's Website and some pictures I took while I was carrying Dylan and Lukie next to me imagining that his fingers are his camera’s lens.

Beach On Fire

25th AUGUST 2007
The longest firework display in the world: 12 km of fireworks

Beach on Fire is a firework display of record-breaking proportions: last editions attracted some 200.000 enthusiastic, spectators, fascinated by the breathtaking, awe-inspiring flashes that, in a splendid combination of colours, illuminated the sea and the Cavallino Treporti beach.

The display will be launched from 12 different points along our 13 km of beach, and will be controlled in a synchronised way.

The fourth edition of the event will take place on Saturday 25th August 2007 and with its statistics it looks set to become one of the most eagerly awaited and prestigious events promoted by the Adriatic’s many holiday resorts.

The initiative created and organised by the municipality of Cavallino Treporti
in conjunction with numerous local businesses, also represents an occasion, as the summer draws to a close, to thank the many traditional guests who with their affection and loyalty spend their holidays with us each year.

More pictures of fireworks display taken this summer by Boogs here: I Fuochi



Nice shot sister!we we're not able to go to the beach,so we stayed in our terrace.I saw those people going to the beach so we decided that it's better to stay home.I think we did had a good view.I was not able to take pictures coz mine was lowbat.
It was really a breath taking event,i just can't described how exited and happy Roldan is.
I like your pictures,can I copy 2 or 3 for me to show it in our group(hehehe)Don't worry i will tell them i took it in your blog,and if they want to see more,they're going to visit your site.


Thanks sister! Finally got you to comment( I bribed her folks)hehehe...

It would have been nice if Roldan and Lukie saw it together. Double fun for sure. Remember when Lukie used to be scared of it two years ago? Bravo numan Roldan a!

Sure, you can have the photos and thanks in advance for referring this site to your friends(isupay hahaha.

Bill Bilig

Great pictures. I like the second one most, the firework looks like a sea urchin in a dark sea.


Hi Bill! Yeah sea urchin is really the best description for the second photo-galing talaga ni Bill a!Hihihi.

Btw, do you have a copy of the The Lost In Childrenville by W. Palanca? Its his entry for the Palanca Awards this year. Pine For Pine(F.Cimatu) is sharing it after the BEEP :-)


wow!! Is that a yous taking that pictures. Magaling Magaling Magaling!! Hay nakinig ka kay boog ah. hehehe


Beautiful photos! I love them! Some years ago, before New Year's Eve, we get a free display in Baguio when, for 3 consecutive years, the stalls selling the fireworks on Harrison Road would set everything off by accident!


Yep Russel, I didn't know about those lens and he has to set everything. Boogs was even hesitant and asked me if I know how to put up the tripod.LOL

Thanks Lisa!

They usually set up those fireworks in secluded areas making sure that if accidents happen, the crowd wont be harmed and nearby places wont be caught on fire. Ambulance and fire trucks around are in standby mode too.

There's this Redentore, a celebration of fireworks in the center of Venice itself, and no fatal accidents ever occurred yet.

You might want to copy and paste this site:
and find out about this interesting festivities for the Venetians.


Safety and fireworks usually dont end up in the same sentence if your speaking about Baguio. From my understanding the fireworks should be set up near some body of water away from the crowds. Well last year at melvin jones, they set up huge fireworks on the corner of the field and not even a fence or barricade. Little kids running as close as 2 feet from those things. Ohh well. Tombstone mentality. They wont change their ways until someone dies first. Well Nice shots again. Im gonna go sleep on the floor. No fireworks in this household LOL

Bill Bilig

Btw, do you have a copy of the The Lost In Childrenville by W. Palanca? Its his entry for the Palanca Awards this year. Pine For Pine(F.Cimatu) is sharing it after the BEEP :-)

Nope I don't have a copy of that book. Libre ba? Kasi mahilig ako sa libre hehe. What's BEEP?


Right there Russel! My first time to read Tombstone Mentality hehehe.

Thanks for the photo comment, now I feel like I need to take a photo of some cake.

Hay naku Bill, parehas lang tayu, mahilig sa libre kaya copy paste lang 'linking' ko sa comments, may bayad pang upgrade no?:

Then scroll down for Childrensville.

BEEP is Sir Frank's pa-effect.


Hey Bill sorry about that - It should be W. Pascual's entry for the Palanca Awards 'gayam'.


Fireworks are awesome especially for the kids to watch but me, personally, it's a waste. Organizers of these shows could have just bought food and other helpful materials and sent them to poor third world countries in dire need.
The billions of dollars spent by the U.S. in Iraq would probably have solved world hunger if that kind of money were used wisely and innocent lives would also have been spared.
It's just me.....goodhealth and cheers.


Its not just you Trublue! Its the Idealism with in a wise man's thought.

All business establishments, even those that are far from the beach, would pay thousands of euros to their organization to pay for such or anything that will enhance tourism. Float parades, fireworks, jet shows etc... True these money could help but for them, business comes first.

Thanks for that "angle", it should shake every one's outlook specially the Iraq predicament. If them who rule chooses "Operation Hunger", then I will fully understand "humanity".

Aaahhh, sorry for that, nakakadala kasi si Trublue. Nawawala na naman akis!

Bill Bilig

Thanks for the tip re W. Pascual's story. I added my email so hope to also get a copy :-)

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