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If back home in the Philippines, “package” is congruent to “abroad”, here, we also have our “little excitement” as we wait for our boxes that come monthly.

father and son

Kuya Arthur is a father of two who has a Filipino Store in Padova, ‘La Etnica’. A two and a half hours drive from our place - Cavallino. 10 Filipino families live here and every end of the month we give our list of Pinoy goods needed to my friend Lorna. She then sends it to Kuya Arthur thru fax. After 3 days or so, our boxes are delivered carefully packed with our names written on it.
Sample prices: Marca Pina Soy sauce-1.50 euros(90pesos), Payless Pancit Cantoon-30cents(18pesos),Bagoong Isda Balayan 2eu(140p).Clover(med)-95cents(57p) for me, Taquitos 75cents(51p) for Papa and Oishi-70cents(49p) for Lukie.

We have an Italian owned shop, Rizzo, in Venice that sells selected Filipino Items but its more expensive.
Another shop in Piazza Le Roma which is nearer than Padova(Arthur’s Store) but their prices are even higher than Rizzo. The irony is, its owned by a ‘Kababayan’.
Lukie loves Ligo Sardines(70 cents). He calls it, “fish from the Philippines”. They had put Mega Sardines this time, probably Ligo’s out of stock. I haven’t tasted this Mega Sardines yet, hope its OK.

They also sell, frozen Bangus, fish/sguid balls, lumpia wrappers but all are products of Thailand. ‘Gata’(coconut milk), 'Patis'(They call it Squid Sauce) and 'malagkit' rice, for these three, we preffer the Thai's than Pinoy made.

lukie and his friend/enemy - marco

Every item has a pasted translation of ingredients in Italian. Pancit or they call it here ‘Pasta d’ Riso’, fried rice – ‘Riso Cantonese’ and Spring Rolls are among our host countrie's favorites.

Oooppss, how can I forget the rice!!! Only 25 kilos per sack with prices ranging from 15 euros to 32 euros depending on it's kind. All came from Thailand. We get the cheapest(15 eu = 900pesos), its the same as the 'Milagrosa' in the Philippines.



Mahirap nga naman pala. Mahal ng konti soy sauce nyo. Ang importante is patis, suka, toyo. The brands from other countries just taste funny. Its good you still have a way of getting those, sa NY we drive 30 mins away to this neighborhood of pinoys, nothing but stores and strips of filipino items. Yea the thailand rice is good, we get the one with the elephant in front. wahaha

Stop eating junk food


Ciao Russel!

Mahirap for Kuya Arthur cause he packs the stuff and delivers it to our door. Pati na nga sa Venice mismo, napagaya na rin sila na "door to door".

In big cities like Milan and Rome, Kabilaan ang Pinoy Stores dun.

Ah yes, pang adobo ano?(lol)

Can't help it with those "junkies", "pinaka high light" ng box yun kumbaga:-)


2.5 hours away?!! Nag-adayo met ten. No wonder you have to order. When I feel homesick I go to the Filipino store 5 minutes away. But we go to a Korean store that has Filipino products because it's cheaper. Fish from the Philippines! Oh that's cute. My husband also likes Ligo sardines, I cook it with eggs. Ag-birok pay iti kinirog nga inapoy!

25 kilos or pounds? we buy milagrosa aka Jasmine rice from Thailand from Costco for $9/25lbs.


Hello Tina,

Its Kilos. We consume that for three months. Looks like rice is cheaper there.

Ok ah, that's really near.

Bilib ako kay husband mo, he eats our food. I know a lot here married to Italians and sorry to say, their husbands dislike our cooking.('Ma-arts'). Yeah, Ligo with eggs, Pinoy na Pinoy.

Thanks for dropping by.

Bill Bilig

Hehehe ang mamahal naman ng junk food ninyo. I guess that's one of the disadvantages of living away from home. Dito Payless would be P6.50 and Clover would be P15. Pero siyempre piso din ang suweldo ng mga tao :-)

But its good that you have stores, no matter how far, to order food from the Phils.


Mahal nga Bill pero ok lang. Mas mahal ang pamasahe papunta dyan hahaha!


Hi! good evening! sana mabasa nyo ang comment ko na to. On march kasi mag migrate nako with my kids dyan sa italy Mestrino, Padova. Gusto ko sana malaman kung san exactly located tong filipino stores nyo. Hindi ako familiar sa place pahahanap ko sya sa mister ko. tulong naman pls, sa mga stores natin dito malapit. salamat marami!


Ciao Jengay,

Tanong ko muna si Kuya Arthur kung ano ang malapit na Pinoy store dyan sa address mo. Balik-balikan mo na lang tong site na to, specifically itong URL nito.

Salamat sa comment at goodluck sa pagpunta nyo dito!


Hey arthur Ok yang pic ninyo ni Mrs ah! Alam nyo mga kababayan si Arthur ay mabait talaga at mura ang mga goods nila! Ala e!Talagang napakamura dahil yan ay door to door alangan namang di magpatong alay normal laang yan! Kayo kung pupunta kayo para mamili e kailangan natin ng gas di ba?! So bili kayo dyan! Bili kayo dyan kay Arthur! Kay Benny (Hill joke lang!)But, honestly totoo po yan my dear co-Filipinos. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010 and the years to come to all! Malayo man tayo sa ating bansa magkaisa po tayo! At tayo po ay magmahalan! Marami pong salamat sa inyo! God bless to all!

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