Tuesday, 14 August 2007

For Michael: Its Just You

One of my ‘Must Clicks’ - Bill Bilig had an entry on his blog - from the boondocks, about a Filipino U.S. Marine who died in Iraq HERE: Its important for you to read all the comments of the said article as the full story came out from the readers of the blog.

I wasn’t suppose to write a comment on it as people who personally knew Michael are the once writing there. But, I keep on going back and made me write this after I conceded from my wide awake mind who’s trying to fight sleep:

I know this is hard for Michael's family and all of you who are close to him.

I'm a mother too and I can't help to post my part of grief. Was about to sleep over it but I really can't and made this little contribution.

For Michael: Its Just You

Such a mystic bliss our breath being one,
With your kicks that keep me awake till dawn.
Then you came forth dire such gripe,
Sweet first cry all was swiped.

Lucid childhood passed my sight,
Walking those first steps – what a fright.
I held you tight but had to let go,
Scared I was, to school - its just you.

Those vigils over the chills and head so warm,
Cough so I hear, gives me harm.
Sleep my child I’ll be here,
I’ll look over you with such care.

I can’t keep those hands to stay small,
Your feet to walk only the bounds of my wall.
There you go again , I had to let go.
Delve into the realms of dreams – its just you.

Off you went but I really ache.
I cried for your smile till I shake.
Countless wishes, if onlys and why,
I’ll wait for you, my hopes are high.

Then you came in the foggy blur
Oh so cold, I can not cure.
There you go again, I have to let go.
The living end of your pilgrim – its just you.

How many more mothers have to bare,
That their sons they can not spare.
All these obscurities and mischief,
Its just you - but forever is my grief.


Bill Bilig

It's a very touching poem. I'm sure a lot of people (especially mothers) felt the way you did. It is really sad to see a young life end too soon. Thanks.


Thank you too Bill.

I remember my grandmother when my uncle died from a car accident. I saw her pain and what she said stayed in my 12 year old mind, "Apay nga inmuna ka? Ikali dak pay met kumma a anak ko!" as she cried and and run her fingers on my uncle's hair.


In the Kennedy Clan where the late Rose Kennedy kept burying her sons and daughters, somehow I thought she said, "it's you my children who should bury me, not the other way around".
To me the grief doubles up when this occurs as it was with you Lovelyn and now Mario and Heidi.
Depending on the set-up of the program during Michael's funeral, I'll make the effort to read your
impressive yet somber poem. Othewise, I'll give a copy to Heidi
as a memento. Or maybe Michael's cousin John Tanacio, will have the opportunity to read it.
Michael is a returning hero in different form, so the event I'm sure will be elevated as the presence of highly ranking military
and local officials is expected.
I'll be there to bid goodbye and will catch a red-eye if I have to.
On behalf of Michael's family, I thank you for the poem. Cheers....


Thank you trublue!
The funeral, emotions and turn out of events are absorbing enough yet you managed to gave us a comment.

Our thoughts and prayers to Michael and his family.


It's so difficult for anyone to loose someone. It's heart breaking for any parent to loose a child. People around me have lost a son, a father, a mother and a daughter in this war. But it really hits you in the gut when someone from back home has been another casualty.

My thoughts and prayers are with Michael's family.


Heart breaking indeed, Tina!
A tragedy one after the other - grieving for their son who passed last year and now Michael. I was lost for words and can't understand the depth of such lost. That made me write what I felt as a mother.

Thanks for the "PS"

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