Friday, 3 August 2007


Post 16: Lolo Ramon's Story

"Bado had again bought animals for my family to raise- sheep, goats and cows. Only this time he gave more than 15 cows. I did not accept it at first because I don't want to take advantage of his kindness. But, he convinced me saying it is not a gift. He told me, "You will be just my keeper Ramon, my co-owner to help raise and breed these beasts". I then took it to 'Nalseb', a four hours walk far from our home. My eldest son Edward and some of my nephews helped me look after these animals."

"1947, I started to drive again. I worked as the first driver of Dangwa Bus for Baguio - Kabayan Benguet route. The road was narrow, rugged and a steep. A simple mistake would send the bus down the cliff. It was a dangerous job but a great help, financially. Specially so that my three older children were going to school and Meding gave me two more sons, Alexander and Roger after Daniel."

"I had a dream one night that the road to Kabayan was cut and I couldn't see the other half of it. Then a white feather fell from the sky and landed on my palm. When I woke up, it dawned on me that my dream was a sign that I am going to die. The white feather is death and I took and accepted my fate".....


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