Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Blogging The World

Here’s a follow up post to this:START
Last May, I was on the “hot seat” again. With Irma and Monica (Lukie’s teachers), we had our end of the school year evaluation-‘colloquio’. I was told that his social skills improved and he’s even the most popular kid in school. In fact when I go shopping I often hear kids telling their Mom, “E’ mama d’ Lukie”(Its Lukie’s Mom). I know, being an Asian added to why my son would be that noticeable.

His drawings too are better now. Mountains, buildings, flags etc...supplements his “artistic side” with his usual captions or scripts boldly shown on his designs.

They have no complain and praised him for being a “molto educato”(very educated), well mannered and behaved boy...Huuhaah, can you see me floating while all moms are clapping? That’s the image I’m seeing during that time.

Then they asked me the big question, “How did you teach your son how to read and write that well?”. That’s something to them because proper lessons here start in the “Media”(elementary school)and Lukie has one more year before he goes to the "scoula grande"(school for the big one's -as he calls it). I was about to tell them, “GENES!”, to make things simple. I just said, “We only read him books, taught him a,e,i,o,u etc... once and he did the rest”. “THE REST” which I am going to blog next.

I was reminded to write about his evaluation when I found him scribbling words on his paper when what he usually do is drawing his F1 (Fomula 1) and Rally race tracks. He said he is blogging too.
Its just funny cause he gets confused with his Italian and English at times. “Lukie, what’s the English term for ‘crocante’?” I asked and he answered, “Crocants!”. He should have said “crunchy”. He mixes his two known languages like this written blog of his:

Everyone is a blogger now in my family. Lukie, whom we will soon be creating his account to stop him from just clicking ‘Yahooligans, googling “cars” and YouTube’. So is my husband, writing better than me here: Musashiboogie with his hobby of photography as a treat. For Dylan, say after 3 years for my youngest(LOL), we will be reading his post...I don’t need to elaborate on this: Writing is therapeutic!



Congratulations Lovelyn! Good job on Lukie's progress. Yep, genes baby!

Little K is going to kindergarten this year.

That's great that hubby is going to blog too.


Grazie da nouvo Tina!

We gave him less time on his Play Station with 1 hour as the maximum per day. If he uses the computer, he is not allowed to play with his video games. Guess that really helped.

I remember Little K is of the same age. Yeah, Lukie too on September he'll be 'katumbas ng kindergarten na rin'. He can go to Grade I but we hesitated, we want him to enjoy "play school" more.

Cheers to husband! He started it 4 days ago.


thats great! Less time with video games is great. I cant even get my nephews to play simple outdoor games like sipa or jolens. Their too high tech. Mahirap narin mas brittle siguro bones nila, all they do is sit all day playing gameboy. I think the only time I actually write something on paper is when I sign something..yikes. Saw boogs blog. Looking good


LOL Russel!Brittle bones hahaha...

It wasn't easy for us to limit my son's time with his games. Until now, sometimes he cries when the "time is up".

Ive read somewhere that video games aren't bad cause it increase fine motor and coordination skills and encourage an interest in information technology. It's the abuse of time doing it and wrong choices of game make it bad.

And, if you are playing the games with your child 'daw'— they provide an occasion for you to do something together. Which my son doesn't want to do with Mama - no challenge. Mama doesn't last a minute!

Yep, Boog's blog! Another 'unahan paggamit sa' computer.

Bill Bilig

Wow. Congratulations too for raising your kids well. Indeed, you deserve to float while other moms clap :-) Those flag drawings by Lukie look great.


Thanks Bill! Di naman raising well, malayo pa lalakbayin namin hehehe...

I asked him why there's no Philippine flag and he said, "ehhh, deficile!" mahirap daw hehehe..,

Btw, he memorized his flags and writes the corresponding country. Sa kanya kami nagtatanong kung di namin alam flag na fina flash sa TV.

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