Friday, 27 July 2007


Post 15: Lolo Ramon's Story

"After the liberation, it was a difficult time for us. everything was in the process of rebuilding and Ambassador was not spared of the recession. Food was scarce. Kaingins and fields were to be revived and it takes time before we could harvest what ever we planted. Animals were all consumed during the war. With five children to nurture, it made the situation even harder." recollects my grandpa.

Ambassador is the only 'barangay' of Tublay Benguet whose main population consists of the 'Kankana-ey' tribe. Only Ramon's family injected 'Kalanguya' into the place.

After the war, these 'Kankana-eys' became notorious thieves. They stole animals and crops from the 'Ibalois' who were situated in the lower part of Tublay. Such as Acop-Caponga, Ba-ayan, Daclan etc... These people from Ambassador were even hooked to gambling and stealing made them lazy to cultivate their own land. They were feared and disliked by the other tribes back then.

Ramon was determined to stop this abuse. He then gathered all the 'lalakays'(old folks) and and came up with set of rules and punishments for gambling and stealing. With the support of his brothers and his cousins, they became the implementers of these rules.

Any one caught with the crime would be sent to leave Ambassador or will be forced to work in the communal forest.These communal was picked and decided by the old folks under the leadership of my grandfather as a site owned by everybody. Its thickly forested with Pine tress. Trees were only allowed to be cut when someone died and they need it for his 'lungon'(coffin). Another is when a family is to build a house, they are allowed to cut not more than five trees provided they are to plant in exchange.

Below this forest is an abundant source of water supplying most part of the community. Aside from being a former boxer, these made Ramon a popular figure in his place and had been the long awaited help for the Ibalois.

"Your Lolo had a charm that makes a crowd listen. He was also a brave stubborn man who was feared of because of respect", my Dad continues.


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