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What a topic to start this "VENEZIA" Label (category). Let me first link you here:

I just want to show how we sort out our garbage here. Excuse the pine needles around. We had a strong wind earlier that day and stirred everything up.

VESTA (Venezia Servizi Territoriali Ambientali) is the company that is running all our "waste management". You pay based on the number of the household. For a family of 4, in two months, 52.19 euros is what we have to spare.

The yellow container is for paper(carta) and the next one is for botlles, glass, plastic and cans. The truck comes once a week for these two bins.

The white truck haul it's content every morning at 8:15. Its where we dump everything except those crossed out things in the picture.

These are for organic trash or decayable things.



That's neat Italians have a system of that nature. Wish Baguio have the same instead of burning their filthy garbages in Irisan.
Do they have trucks there that sweep the streets? Just curious.
Cheers and goodhealth to your family......


Boun giorno trublue!

VESTA adopted this system mid of 2005 and had strictly implemented it last year. I'm speaking of our place , Cavallino -Treporti, because other parts of Italy are having big problems on "trash bash".

Naples in particular and other southern communities is a shame to The Eropean Union(as they describe it here). Check out the full story:

Btw, we live an hour away from the main city, Venice and their garbage collection there is different which is what I am going to blog next.

Yes, "the sweeping truck" does the job. Which I'm reminded, during summer, the srteet infront is being swept at around 3 AM. That early and I only have known it when I started to blog hahaha...

Bill Bilig

How I wish this system is implemented in the Philippines. Kasi its a simple matter of segregating the waste, and strictly implementing the system. Pero ewan dito sa atin, all we do is here is to just burn the garbage or to just dump them in open spaces.


You're right there Bill Bilig. I'm just curious if such proposal was ever set about?

Come to think of it, not just the system nor the implementation or even the "media's power" will make this kind of waste management work. It needs a lot of self discilpline and sacrifice of time and effort by the common people themselves. Everybody has to work to make it work kumbaga.

A Filipina friend who goes to Spain every summer with her employers once related us, "Mas grabe sa Spain, ipapabukas ang plastic bag na itatapon mo. Namulta amo ko 100 euros kasi sinama ko cartoon ng gatas".


That's great! It's good that Italians are taking garbage segragation seriously. We also compose but on our own.


Yeah Tina, but some hard headed Pinoys here have the attitude of - "adu la amin"...sad to say.

Those compose would be good for your flowers. Environment friendly fertilizer ika nga.

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