Thursday, 26 July 2007


My first time to be tagged by TINA of My Good Finds.Org( Here's the mind cracking task: What Were You Thinking when you first met your current main squeeze? (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, sex partner, WHATEVER!).

"What a Korean Snob! Suplado!" That's what my mind wants my mouth to say out loud. Still in my brain: "Don't talk to strangers" so I just held my chin up and gave him a face of "Bakit??? Sino ka?".

For the love of horses, me and my sisters were at Wright Park during one of the Gymkhanas and he was at the Haven. He was looking at me, up and down, with his crooked eyebrows. I just passed by him with my riding boots' 'tok, tok, tok' sound.

Ok, ok...I found him cute and instantly had a crush on him. He might be a rich foreighner to catch hahaha.

On one of my husband's post in a forum, he said, "My wife thought I was a rich Korean(I prefer Hapon)... 'kawawang cowboy pala'!" By the way, he only got close to "Hapon" with "Hapao" Ifugao as his roots :-)

I've later known what he was thinking on that Haven in Pacdal. Him: "She's got a big butt. Hmnnn, definitely lacking in height ngem 'napintas'..." He has to say that last word or else....!

You see, sizing humps could lead to 2 lovely boys. To Lukie and Dylan: Here's a story to tell your kids - 'HUMPY BUMPY' hehehe.

I'm tagging Miss Bugias, Bill Bilig(hehehe, baka ayaw ni Sir B) and Russel(sa comments) for the tradition of 'passing the tag'.



Hi Lovelyn,
Thanks for spending the time writing for this tag. I enjoyed reading it. For the love of horses, hehehe! Hubby must be very napudaw, for you to mistake him for a Korean. I bet you had a very interesting courtship ;)


I forgot to comment how adorable your boys are, btw how do you make boys? hihihi...


What was I thinking? well she was kinda short and she looked chinese and she had an odd way of using the WALIS!. She had the other hand on her back while sweeping. She also had a weird jagged type haircut like she did it daw yun LOL. YIKES!!!!


Thank's Tina!

So is Little "K", really cute, tisay na tisay.

I had fun recounting the old days. Yeah napudaw than me hehehe...ken gwapo kano kunana(sitting next to me now).

I wish I knew exactly how to make boys. But, red wine surely did some magic hehehe...


YIKES Russel but you were smitten anyway LOL...

Thank's for answering the tag. Had she not held the 'Walis' like that, An-an and Elyza wouldn't taste those ants hahaha.


Must have been the red wine. I drunk champagne when my daughter was conceived. Eh kung zinfandel? Bading nga yata? hahaha


Wow champagne Tina! PROPS! (lol)

Alki rocks garud ah! hahaha...Naku not red wine for bading, or elseee....

Bill Bilig

Hehe, may palusot ako for not doing the tag kasi wala akong current main squeeze. Hanapan mo naman ako diyan ng Italyana hehe :-)


Galing nga ng "P" mo Bill Bilig - Pasok! hahaha...

Pinay na lang, gugutomin ka ng Italyana. Think of melon as your lunch and her shopping budget over shoots the amount for dinner.

Lots of single Pinays here. Nice idea! I'll PIMP you up hehehe...How old gusto mo?

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