Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Post 10: Lolo Ramon's Story

"During the 1920's, the foot trail made for Baguio-Bontoc route was actively in use before Eusebius Halsema officially opened it on 1930. It was first called Mountain trail before it was changed to Halsema Highway. This was one of the reason why my ancestors kept 'Boted' and marked 40 hectares of land as their property- to be near the trail.

From Visayas, my grandfather stayed home for three years to help the family in extending the land. 1924, He later set off to Baguio and stayed with his Kalanguya kins who are settled in Pacdal. He and his cousin Mencio gathers 'sakati'(grass) and sell it to their costumers, mostly Americans with their loved horses. Some were also sold to cattle raisers.

"Boxing was the most popular sports back then. Mencio and I never miss a fight whenever there is one. They hold amateur fights regularly and when a talent emerge they then set fights against boxers from other regions. To Manila was the biggest break. That was the time when Pancho Villa from Iloilo was every Filipino boxer's hero." Ramon continues.

"Every time we go home from our job or from watching a fight, We were like crazy throwing punches imagining we were on to the ring. I remember Mencio who doesn't mind a bloody nose when we do our make believe fights real. Her mother stopped asking about the blood on the third time he saw his son with the mess."

"We were always watching those fights very far from the arena. It was the year 1927 when during a set fight, we heard that one of the boxers did not show. Mencio who wants to experience watching near the boxing ring boasted my ego to volunteer and take the place of the missing boxer. Out of luck and my 'sakati'(grass) training, I knocked my opponent down on the first round."

"After the fight, a man approached me and introduced himself as Bado Dangwa. He offered his service to manage my boxing career. I didn't know who he was but accepted him mainly because he was decently dressed."

Bado Dangwa was the original owner of Dangwa Tranco, the first Igorot owned bus company first called as 'Adawi Transit. He was a significant political figure of Benguet and played a great role during the World War II.

"That started for me to be known as ''Small Pontano, Tiger Of Dangwa''. Bado changed my family name from Pontino to Pontano, he said that it would be more intimidating. I didn't really like it at first. It felt like it just made emphasis on how short I am." says my grandfather.



Hi, I just found you blog and linked it up to mine, too! Great posts about your Lolo Ramon's stories. I've read several of the latest ones, will go through the rest, and hope you publish more!


Thank you Ma'am Lisa! Hope you'll find time to read the prior posts.

Ive been trying to continue on the story but I can't "create a post" for two days now. Say's "error" and I've already reported it this morning. Hope it'll be fixed - soonest.


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