Wednesday, 18 July 2007


I was looking for my son Lukie outside and found him playing with a pine cone. He asked me what are those black things coming out and I told him those are pine seeds.

It was only then that I actually saw 'pinoli' (pine nut) that we use here for 'pesto'

I pounded it this morning after I finally thought of writing about it. We buy this for 2 euros for every 150 grams, that's the cheapest depending on the brand.

When I was still young, I thought Pine trees grow only in cold places basing it from the Philippines where you can only find it to where I came from. Saying I am from Baguio back then to other folks from the lowlands, they see me as a Pine tree, strawberry or even a 'bundok'(mountain).

There are actually different species that grow varying from what type of soil to temperature, place etc... What we have here in Italy is mostly the 'Stone Pine' Its not as tall as to what we have in Baguio and you can't smell the scent of 'saleng'.

The cone is bigger and the pine needles are only of 2 strands.

Seeing these trees everyday when I put up the window blinds give me the feeling of being in my hometown. One of the reasons why Boogs and I chose to keep this place over a cheaper, wider and a cozier house. Aaahh, never mind the birds starting their day as early as 4 AM, they're just reminding us there are trees outside.



Beautiful scenery from where you live. Trees, flowers, and birds, what more can you ask?
I played with those pine cones a thousand times over growing up in Baguio, but I couldn't recall any seeds from it? Cheers and goodhealth to your family...


Me too, can't remember seeds that big. That's why when my son was playing with it, made me google about pine trees hehehe...

trublue, literally 'hauling' my dad, papa in law and all my sibling's family down to their pets from Pinas for 'em to join us here, that will stop me from asking for more.

'A te, cincin e buona satule'(cheers and goodhealth)!


Hi Lovelyn,
So those are the pine nuts that are so expensive in the stores? Cool, you can just get it from your backyard. You have a beautiful view from your window. That's why I felt at home in Eastern Shore, Maryland because of the Pine trees.
I didn't know there were Pine tress also in Italy.


Ciao Tina!

Yep, those pine nuts. I did't know we have it around. Maybe you're using these nuts with some of your cake recipes too?

Ganda nga ng Maryland specially your 'undisclosed swimming/fishing spot'.

Bill Bilig

I was actually surprised when I saw a pine tree growing here in Quezon City. It is the same variety as the Benguet pine daw kasi kinuha nila sa Baguio. Kaya lang it doesn't grow as tall/big as those that we have in the mountains and it doesn't have pine cones. Cheers :-)


I'm curious on how that tree looks like bill bilig.

Years ago when I went to visit my aunt in Davao. She keeps on telling me about "the pine tree" that his friend from Kabayan(who like her settled in that part of Mindanao)was able to grow. I should have insisted on seeing it. Hopefully next time I'll go, its still there.

Bill Bilig

Para siyang malnourished na puno hehe. Stunted yung growth niya. Hindi katulad sa atin na you will be impressed with the pine tree with its shiny needles. Maybe its the weather here and/or the pollution kaya ganun yung pine tree na nakita ko.

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