Monday, 16 July 2007


Post 13: Lolo Ramon's Story

"1939, Me and my cousins who just came from Tinoc had dug a tunnel from our house down to the abandoned mines Amekano made. Then we continued digging the old "usok"(tunnel) to make an exit to Babatan. It was an everyday hard work for almost a year."

" Bado that time joined Dennis Molintas and both led the 66th infantry Battalion, Igorotlandia. He had let all his buses to be used by the Filipino and American soldiers that made him the Japanese's most wanted head in the Cordillera."

"1942, We hid Major Bado Dangwa and his soldiers. If the Japanese would be near Ambassador, Bado's troup goes to Babatan making use of our tunnel. If the enemy goes to Kapangan, Bado will go up to Ambassador."

"Bado and his troop stayed most of the time in Babatan and all our animals were butchered for their food. There was a time when his men went on a mission and he was advised to stay. We hid him in a pothole only to see him when we bring his meal."

"Meding was pregnant with Beatrice that time. We were always evacuating and it was difficult to do it with 3 children but, the 'usok' made it easy for us."

"1944, the Japanese were being defeated and they became more cruel. They take it on us the civilians. One of my nephew was killed and they unmercifully ate his poor heart."


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