Sunday, 1 July 2007


Post 9: Lolo Ramon's Story

"Year 1917. Evey night in the Hacienda, all the workers gather at night. We have bonfire, singing and dancing at times. Those gatherings take off all the hard work we did for the day. Its also what makes the workers go back to the farm the next day. But not me, I go back because of Senorita Gloria"

"I call her 'Sagit'(the sun). The color of her hair changes to chestnut brown under the sun. She was two years younger than me. So much like his father. Kind, gentle and likes to be out in the fields most of the time."

"Every morning it was my duty to go back for her and take her to his father who was out in in the farm early. I can never get myself look at her in the eye. But when she is not looking, she is all I see."
"Part of being kind maybe, she felt for me. I never wanted it to happen but we fell in love. That was the reason why I only stayed in the Hacienda for a year and a half."

"I have to leave."


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