Friday, 29 June 2007

Its Ok

We went to the mall today to buy an additional wardrobe. The family is getting bigger and we're running out of cabinets. Pick and paid what we want but they still have to order the woods and make a new one. Showroom displays are really just for a show. It will be delivered after a month.

The husband got him an additional lens. Lukie had a Kid's Scrabble , Pimpa(DVD-Cd), an additional mini CD for his PSP and 2 matchboxes for his collection of cars. For Dyland, ABC rubber mat for his crawling craze.

How about me? Stuffs for the kitchen, seat cover, and a wider mat for the beach.

When we got home and everyone was opening what they bought, my husband said, " I got this, Lukie got these and Dylan that. Don't worry Mama, the cabinet is yours and we laughed".

I didn't realize all the things I picked up were all for the house. Maybe that's what mothers do or I'm just getting old?



Ay Lovelyn, Get something for you too. Even a cute t-shirt will do as long as it's for you. I tried to shop only for my daughter and home. I felt deprived and felt kawawa. I go and shop at a place called Ross here(as if I haven't mentioned it so much in my blog already) and they sell stuff from big stores to make space for the new stocks. Aren't ther like flea markets? My cousin from Holland kept telling me about flea markets in Europe.


True hehehe! Self inflicted "kawawa" cause nobody "can't" stop me if I want a shirt naman. Pa martyr effect is what I realized that time hahaha.

Yes, lot's of flea markets. It's every Tuesday morning and Friday night here in our place. So cheap and nice too. All made in China. In fact, I am about to blog on it but lately we're still on bed at 10 AM and we can't go for the pictures. They close at 1 AM btw. By the time I feed the kids and change them, ala na, sarado plus there are so many Germans this time. Banggahan ng " karutsino" (baby carriage).

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