Saturday, 16 June 2007

Gracing My First

Finally, here I am typing my first entry on Blogger with out worrying that I can't log-in the next time. After more than 3 times of creating an account, I thought my title is really living it's name and I'll end up merely 'attempting'. Blame it on my laziness to browse the 'help' section to cover up my knowledge on computers. It was after all the 'cookie' I need to fix.

I'm still groping. Which font?(Whatever) Picture?(Nahh...delete!) Lay-out?(Changed more than once). As always, first time is an excuse!



Hi Lovelyn,
Yehey!!!!!!!!!! It's a whole lot easier to read your blog. Your words and photos is not obstructed by blinking ads.


Ciao Tina,

Yeah, less disrupting blings hehehe!

I just need to work out on the linking. It worked for me with my 2nd post but on my 3rd, its the tag that is showing. http//____ appears first, I paste the tag then ok and it directly goes to my post. Then that's it.

Thanks for coming anyway. And oh, yes you owe me...I didn't know about blogging before till you linked me yours.


wow moved in to a new place. You say friendster dont have enough space for your blog? in that case maybe you should just write a book lol. Hey thanks for linking me. I'll be checking this page often.



Grazie Russel!

I can't have blog links at the other side and comments aren't working anymore.

Wish I will write one soon. Guess, that will be impossible. Got no cheering squad here to "shove" me into the "pit". :Lol:

See you around!

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