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Post 4: Lolo Ramon's Story
After two nights and three days from 'Sayangan Atok Benguet', the family settled. Lanog , the second child did not stay. He went with the other travelers in search for a lower land. "Maybe Lanog has got used to walking and now, its the only thing he knows." Ramon's young thought.

"My father had chosen a place almost at the bottom of a mountain. I liked the river which is just down bellow."

Today, you can find that site ten kilometers away from the main road of Km 18, Halsema Highway. Its called 'Piloy, Ambassador Tublay, Benguet'. More than two hours ride from Baguio City.

"The last 'inatep'(Nipa Hut) we passed by, the dwellers spoke a dialect different from ours. It's 'Ibaloi'. It wasn't hard for us to learn it eventually. Its similar with our 'Kalanguya'. We pronounce "S" as "H" like 'asin'(salt) to 'ahin'. They change our "D" to "SH" like 'diman' to 'SHE-MAN'(there)."


Bill Bilig

Hey, I enjoyed reading your blog and the stories you write. Looking forward to reading your future entries.

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Ciao bill bilig,

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Thank's Idol FC.

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