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Post 8: Lolo Ramon's Story

"Luknuyan had gone to Baguio with one of Amekano's Igorot crew. They worked as stable boys to a certain American. I never knew how he came to meet a 'haciendero' from Negros Occidental whom he later joined to work in his 'Hacienda'."

"He stayed in Visayas for three years and came back a different man. He was wearing clothes! I didn't recognize him at first till I saw closely his nose that the rest of the family has. Each one of us had a present. I had my first pair of pants and a shirt so big that shrunk me. I held my thought, why didn't I get a pair of what is on Lakyag's feet? Shoes!"

"Luknuyan said he just came to visit and to ask mother for Lakyag to join him. His employer is in Baguio for business and will be leaving in a week. My mother said, " Hi Ramon e' al-em, ag'tu amtan mangngan-nop"(Take Ramon instead, he doesn't know how to hunt). "

"How my weakness paid off. It was very frustrating when I was sent to hunt and most of the time, I come home with nothing. Now it felt like its the best thing I ever did."

"I really wanted to go with my brother. I haven't seen Baguio and soon I'll be riding a ship. Luknuyan described it to us and I was puzzled how a thing would float with people on board. How does that 'bay-bay'(sea) look like? Ahhh, my brother was able to buy my pair of pants, how can I not believe him."
"It was impossible for me to sleep that whole week. I was thinking , I will soon be wearing Lakyag's shoes", from excited Ramon.

A half day walk to Baguio and ten days before they have reached Don Armando's Hacienda. My grandfather was so sick when they arrived and recuperated for a week before he joined his brother and other workers in the plantation of corn and sugar cane.

" Don Armando was so kind and liked me instantly. After a month of working out in the hot weather, the Don Asked his driver to teach me how to drive his Willies Jeep. I was then asked to join the 'muchahos' quarter ( as my brother describes it). A small neat cottage near my master's mansion with the cook and some of the male servants." Hey muchacho", Luknuyan calls me. I didn't mind."

"Then I came to feel for the first time, maybe it was love. Senorita Gloria, the first daughter of Don Armando...."


Bill Bilig

wow, what an interesting story. it's a wonderful read too :-)


'Grazie' bill bilig! I'm glad you liked it.

There's more to come and hope you'll enjoy it more.

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