Saturday, 23 June 2007


Post 6: Lolo Ramon's Story

I never liked staying in Piloy except for the river. Its where me, Lakyag and the youngest, Ventura(Igorot name changed into), would spend the whole day catching 'gak'ke'(crab) and 'ki-wet'(eel). Our work and play, we lift off the stones and find our catch then use the stones as the buffer of our pond. Its literally hitting two purposes with one stone. I like it after it rains. Because our pool was washed off by the strong current, I'm always excited to build a new one".

"Me and my three older brothers always go to all 'Kalot'(Canao or Igorot Ritual Feast) held by our one mountain away neighbors. We were never invited but we would still go. Being new and not of their tribe, we were considered as outcasts. During meal time, we always get 'tabtaba' (fat portion) as our 'wat-wat'(Share of meat). I never minded though because just with the soup and rice, its already a treat."

"Not with Luknuyan, my remaining oldest brother. One time, he got fed up seeing at the others 'wat-wat' . He turned his back from the line, extended his foot forward causing the 'taga wat-wat'(distributor of the meat) to stumble. Magic! All the meat were scattered on the ground. Me and my brothers took what we can and then run. Some men chased us and being the youngest I could not keep up with my brothers. I don't know how I got home. All I can remember was the meat full of soil I was still holding and my very cold butt. My 'kubal'(G-STRING) was caught by one of the 'alad'(fence) and I was lucky to get away with out it."

Every time my Daddy relates this part of the story, he gets teary eyed and his voice would go trembling and that we can't understand his words. That is my father, he easily cries. He showed me that its alright for MEN to cry.

We also hear this part of the story when we don't like the food that was served on the table. At the back of my mind, I'll say, " Oh-ohh! Here comes the "conscience wat-wat" or the "kubal lecture" again!"


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