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Post 14: Lolo Ramon's Story

" July 12, 1944, Daniel, my fifth son was born. We evacuated Ambassador and we're on our way down to Itogon. We have to leave because many Japanese were going to Saddle(km 26 Halsema Highway) on to Ifugao. They were running away from the American soldiers. Desperation and frustration from a foreseeable defeat, they kill every Filipinos they come across with."

"We could see the Japanese from the other mountain coming towards our way. Baby Daniel was crying so hard and Meding could not pacify him. I would not let my wife, my other four kids and my relatives die, we have to leave the baby. We covered him with grasses and left."

"We avoided the Japanese's path and we could see them pass by where we left the baby. We were suppose to go on walking but I could not take Meding's sobs and she was pleading for us to wait till the soldiers would go. They were gone. I hurried back to take Daniel and Meding was behind me."

"We couldn't hear anything, no noise and the grasses weren't even moving. I took off all that covered him and there he was so cold and blue. Meding took him in her arms. He was so weak but opened his eyes. After her mother rubbed him, he gave us a loud cry. I was very thankful to God for that burst or I will forever regret what I have done."

Daniel is my Daddy Danny. Our Dad who also became our mother when my Mama died. He was left with six girls. Me being the eldest was only twelve years old back then and our youngest Ica was only two.

Had my grandparents left or baby Daniel cried louder when the Japs passed by, I wouldn't be here relating this story.
The picture above is Daniel's first baby."BABY LOVE-Lovelyn" was written by her Mama Normie at the back of the photo.



Quite interesting and heartwarming story of your Lolo. Love the ending, and YOU, the product of your grandpa's hardships
and the miracle part of the story, is doing well also.
My late father's first name is also Ramon. Cheers and goodhealth.


Thank's trublue. That's something nice to read when you're all beaten up by a "teething" baby. A good feeling after sleep deprivation from nursing a 'bambino's' high temperature.

My kids are blessed with "Ramons". So is their grandfather(my husband's Pa'), is called with that name.

Jane Martin

Cute you there in the pix nah! :)


Hay Naku Jane, I only got two baby photos salvaged from the rotting album. Sayang yung iba. Unlike our babies now, parang calendar - almost everyday ang posing hahaha...

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