Saturday, 18 August 2007

Baby "D", The Explorer

Dylan turned eight months last August 5 and what a little explorer he is becoming. There’s the trash can to turn up side down, the drawer to empty, the toilet bowl to climb and my house plants to eat. My funny little scavenger who delicately picks up everything from the floor and so calmly confident to put it into his tiny mouth.

With our eldest son, Boogie and I were that cagey first time parents who are in to book tracking on what’s next to our son’s “baby development”. Thanks to my mother in law, Mama Becca, who sent us these English parenting books which are now gathering dust because of the ‘internet’.

For Baby “D”, the computer made it easier to fill us up with those forgotten “what to expect” weekly progress. When I was still pregnant with Dylan, I registered on this site -
PregnancyWeekly - and from then on, every week I receive an e-mail from “BabyWeekly Newsletter”.

This week's e-mail brought up that napping will be of lesser time. It says, Baby “D” will not retain his usual morning nap but he’ll have longer time of sleep in the afternoon.

Here are other tips from BabyWeekly Newsletter:

The Thirty-Seventh Week In Your Baby's Development:
Hi! Does Dylan become very distressed when you leave him? He is still learning that even though he can't see you, you still exist. The concept of time is still new to Dylan as well, and he's uncertain when you'll come back. Here are five suggestions to help make goodbyes easier:
1.Establish a goodbye ritual. Follow through after saying goodbye and leave quickly. Returning or waiting for Dylan to stop crying may prolong the distress.
2.Provide Dylan James with a favorite toy or object to hold or cuddle when you're gone. Some children are comforted with a blanket or something that smells like you, such as your sweater.
3.Gradually introduce new people and places. Allow time for Dylan James to become familiar with a new caregiver or place while you're still there. Begin leaving him with a caregiver for just short periods of time and visit new places a few times together before leaving Dylan James there for longer periods of time.
4.Try to avoid leaving Dylan James when he is tired, hungry or sick.
5.Dylan James will take behavioral cues from you, so don't act anxious or guilt-ridden about leaving. If you make a big production out of it, so will he.
A Tip from the Trenches

Watching you leave teaches your child an important coping mechanism and is an important developmental step. Don't sneak out - this will leave your baby unsure of where you are and what has happened to you when you're suddenly gone. Have Boogie or the sitter stand at the door with Dylan James and wave goodbye to you as you leave. If he sees you get into the car and drive away, he knows you're gone and won't spend any time looking for you in the house. It's an honest approach and your child will respond to it better than if you sneak away.



the pictures are looking very very nice, Compliments to the chef.


Thanks Russel!

Its good you said, "very very nice". Boogs and I will split the 2 VERY's (LOL). The B&W were Boog's except with the one Dylan is playing with the beads... Colored were mine.

Bill Bilig

Really nice pictures. Parang kinuha ni Masferre :-)

Didn't know that there are baby newsletters but the advice looks very sensible :-)


Thanks Bill!

Those e-newsletters (daw pala tawag dun) are very helpful. If it says your baby will be this and this on this week, Dylan will do what was said in the e-nletter.

Bill, do you have a copy of Will P.- Norapronobi's entry to the Palanca's Award- The Lost In Childrensville?


Great photos. Your little Dylan looks so impish :) , keeps your hands full huh?

I mainly relied on a books and magazines when my Lil K was that age too.


Yep Tina, he made me rearrange the house. All plats were put up with missing leaves (LOL).

He makes sure that Mama vacuums the floor or else he'll show off his CHOKING stunts.

It shows! Li'l "K" is being raised well, just reading her questions says it all. We need additional sources on rearing our kids. It will make them better species than us.


Kids are very precious! Ensure your home is free of hairpins, pins, or small nails on the floors.
These can be deadly if they start poking those electrical outlets with these small metals.
Nice pics btw, and keep taking unique angles. Cheers....


Copy Trublue! Thanks!

Electrical outlets are one of the their favorites. Corners too that Mama did not clean. They seem like magnetized by those mis-looked unwanted stuff.

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