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Is it close enough? Lukie looks more like a Samurai than Jack Sparrow.

My husband phoned me up from the Disney Store to tell me that they only have pirate costumes for boys. I didn't like the idea of paying 46 euros for a filthy looking character. But, I was pleased when I saw it.

After a week, the school bus outside was blowing it's beep when I was vandalizing Dylan's face. Oh Shooot!!! I carried Baby D and went out to get his brother.

While I was apologizing to the bus lady, the driver and Lukie were staring at Dylan. I knew right then
that my first born will not let me paint his face.

Lukie had his snack, now its his turn for the "eyeliner touch". Just as I did the eyebrows and the mustache, he went for the mirror and cried when he saw his face. The heavy color on the eyelids would be impossible now as Lukie wouldn't let me "abuse his face" anymore(lol).

"Just like Garfield, you'll be bringing home loads of candies", were my horrifying non-creative sweet talking just for him to go out .

When Ate Jelly(my partner in crime) gave my son his treat, he started to smile and was on the go to "Jack Sparrow" more.

Jelly by the way is Dylan's sweet 16 godmother, who helped me distribute the sweets around our neighbors and later to be retrieved by Lukie as his treats. Staged. Yeah, you heard it right. Trick or Treat'n is an American tradition so most of our Italian neighbors are not in to it. I wasn't suppose to take him out to the cold if not because of his favorite video - Garfield. The orange lazy cat made my son memorize all the lines from his Special Halloween Episode.
That's stage mothering, I know, but my son will only be young just once. I want him to have the fun of "trick or treat" that I never had

Dylan, on the other hand, stayed with Jelly's mom and went to Ate Stella's house for pancit. I can't take photos with him in tow. Boogie was still at work and it would be too late for the kids if we'll wait for him.

Then after the fun, we went home and my sons were like Garfield and Odie. Lukie wants all the TREAT while Dylan is being TRICKED by his brother . The older one wants to keep all the sweets.

To conclude the 2007 Halloween, I quote - "I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by": Jack Sparrow to Elizabeth Swann: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)



haha,YAP he really looks like more than a Samurai but nice outfit though.Irven and I we're smiling when we saw his pic,He looks like his father.
We never had a trick or treat when we we're young but staying or playing alone with lots of kids in our place is more than a treat.Candies are always free and someone will always come to give us something.I do agree with you to be a stage mom especially with this kind of occasions.Kids here are different and very alone.If only we're at home it will be different,so do whatever you know that will make your child happy.I'm sure he will never forget this moment you did for him.I will do the same if Roldan and Noemi will become bigger.

luta lucky and blessed these kids are for you are their mother. Not all moms have the benefit of time to spend with their kids and making sweet and joyfull memories. Go, Lovelyn, go on creating treasures that no pirate can take away from your family. Godbless! =)


Hahaha indeed Matsay!

Boogie said when he came home and saw the pictures, "karuprupak mo piman!(lol)".

You're right, back in Tublay, no trick or treating but there are a lot of kids to play with. I'll choose our childhood for our kids if only circumstances would allow.

Hope Roldan, Noemi, Lukie and Dylan will all go candy "retrieving" together next year.


Ciao Luta,

I hope you're right that my boys are blessed.

Thanks for the push, you made my eyes water..."creating treasures that no pirate can take away"...


Wow Lovelyn how creative! You bought 46 euros of costume? Oh my gosh, ang mahal naman. Awan tawar nan? Tinawaran yu kuma ah!

But your boys look like Samurai than pirates. Looks like alot of fun. I have a post on the Halloween 2007. I didn't get the chance to snap a picture! Apuradu diyay balasang ko gamin.


nice outfit, it should really be - i'd have second thoughts myself buying one that costs 46EU, whew! but seeing the joy in the kids cost more than the costume, right? i also like how you "vandalized" dylan's face, hahaha. what a creative mother you are! i wonder how you'd dress them on christmas, hehehe.


my "what if" for us:
- we do trick or treat when we get the chance to be all in Tublay on one halloween time, we'd start from Ambassador down to Acop or vice versa :)


Very nice outfits. Am sure they enjoyed the event, well, all kids do during this trick or treating.
make sure to screen those candies or goodies for tampering. Just a precaution, it's a different world we live now, weirdos in every corner of this earth. Cheers!


Ciao Tina,

It wa a no choice buy, di kaya ng powers ni lakay na baratin and Disney(lol)....It was fun indeed! The mother enjoyed it more.

Little K looks really cute with the dress you made on her first Halloween.

Ciao Jane,

The experience is worth the price uray nu way out of the budget. I'll try to make my own costume made for my boys next year.

Four kilometers of goodies would fill our "sack", I can imagine the fun with Flynn hehehe...

Ciao Trublue,

No worries on the tampering cause I was the one who bought the goodies. Jelly distributed it to our neighbors telling them that Lukie will RETRIEVE it later. Halloween is not really celebrated here. You can only get goodies from Lido(another island)and Venice where there a lot of stores, sa mga bahay, Italians won't open up. Maybe they're taking precautions from the weirdos hehehe.

"Its the American's tradition, not ours", this Italians would say. They make 'Carnevale' more festive where kids really dress up. Every February, they do it.


Baby D looks so cute! Looks like a very innocent pirate, if there is such a term ehehehe... We could call Lukie the Asian version of Jack Sparrow =) Hmmm, I hope they would add Asians in that movie, then they could look at ur pictures for samples of Asian pirates ahehehehe..


Ciao Layad

LOL, Asians pirates...hehehe

Dylan looks more like a 'nalugi nga' pirate, her mama is cheap. Imagine eyeliner only for his very first Halloween.

Thanks for dropping by. I'll check on your blog if you've updated after this comment.

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