Thursday, 15 November 2007


It started last Monday that Lukie brings home surprises for Mama and Papa. A bond paper with his drawing on it. For 2 days it was always "THE SEA CREATURES" or the drawings above.

We usually get all their works at the end of the school year except for cards or stuffs they make for special occasions like Mother's Day, Halloween this everyday present is something new.

Yesterday morning when my husband was waiting for the school bus, he told our son before sending him to school, that maybe it would be better if Lukie will bring home "un diverso designo"(a different drawing). He also suggested to the little boy to use all the spaces of the paper. Then our son came home with his 'nouvo designo' of the dessert with him near some cactus. The sun still there and the single line of blue color which is his sky. Little Dylan tore the paper so big brother sentenced it to the trash.
"Ahhhhh, Mama, there's another surprise!" Lukie said as he zips off his bag and took this out: PER LUKIE DA PARTE DI ILARIA(for Lukie from Ilaria) their teacher wrote. It was a present(more of a display of love...LOL)from a little girl to my son. NOTE: Don't miss Lukie and Ilaria under the hearts hahahaha....
He told me that Ilaria is the girl who likes him and I asked if he likes her too. My son said, "No, I'm fed up with her. She is always following me. 'Quendi, forse...voglio Madalena. E piu grande sai (Therefore, maybe...I like Madalena. She's bigger, you know)".
So what now? Would that mean my "Sibling Rivalry" readings will be put on hold for "LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP FOR 5 YEAR OLDS"?



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you got an artist in the making! poor ilaria, baka mabroken heart piman or baka apaen na ni magdalene ta isu ti kayat ni Lukie. LOL. hala, at this age, he already has his preference of the girls. so are we to look forward to a new post category as stated at the latter part of this post? LOL again.

Bill Bilig

Poor Ilaria. But they're kids so she will get over it hehe. Ang galing ng drawings. I like the see creatures the most.


hehe thats so cute. I don't even want to think about the same thing happening to my girls. Maging madre nalang sila


yap,Lukie is getting bigger and kids now a days are so "advance at heart."
Get started worrying,Mama,haha.


Ciao Jane,

Ahihi...too early for that!

Madalena is in Grade 1 now and Lukie and Ilaria, kinder paylang. Lukie sees Madalena during their ride home with the school bus in the afternoon.

Ciao Bill,

hahaha" so she'll get over with..." funny!

Pilit na drawings yun sa school. He prefers to draw race tracks and yung mga maze na puzzle. Maze that he would later try to figure out how to get out of it.

Ciao Russel,

:lol: Prepare yourself, they do grow up that fast...Your girls are even good looking(LIKE THEIR MOM J), you should really be worried!

Ciao Matsay,

Hay naku, you're right sister. I forgot to tell you that he knows how to use the word - SEXY. I really don't how how and where he learned that it.


Awan pay met nangeg ko nga nag suicide due to broken heart at that age, hehehe....eventually it will disappear. But once in a while, we read about a couple who were sweethearts from kindergarten or the first grade all thru college, and marry. Happily ever after is another question.
But you're lucky to have two boys.
I only say that coz a month ago, my nephew doctor (29yo dentist) dumped his gf of seven years, also an upcoming med doctor. His mom (my cousin) was so furious coz she was the nicest, perfect girl for him. The poor lass is now so depressed and that was the part that scared me when my baby girl was growing up. She married her hi school and college sweetheart so I now have a peace of mind.
When I said you are lucky, I really mean that, as you will not worry about the other side of the coin...cheers anyways.


Awesome drawings! May mirror effect pa yung isa.

So far my daughter is not yet into the boy/girl thing yet. Everyone is a friend, she would hug boys and girls.


Ciao Trublue,

Poor girl, 7 years is like an investment crashed down. Your daughter marrying his long love is impressive. TruLuv, I believe!

Must have been difficult for my Dad back then, 6 daughters. They always tell him its karma for making so many girls cry 'noong alaw'...hehehe

Ciao Tina,

That's cool, Lil K is not yet conscious with boys and girly thingy. For my son, I'm sure he didn't get it from my side(lol)


Six Wahines! Not even a boy...
I would have been bed-ridden at an early age if I was your dad!! As teens, would have been worried everyday especially at sunset if one or two of you might not come home, or the whole six!
Know of a friend who had four girls and lost all his hair by 40.
Admire your dad for taking good care of you all. Cheers to him!


Yeah, from my mom - six good girls who got married after college. Only one single left who just graduated her 3rd or 4th(LOL, I lost count)course. Dad remarried and had 3 boys and 2 more girls. Big big family and he still has lots of hair at the age of 64, except, its all gray now hehehe...

Maybe hearing other people and also from my dad how those past girls cried scared me and my sister. Side effect: it was hard for us to trust men...till our husbands came hahaha....


I have to echo Tina especially with that mirror effect. It's just a lovely work of art. I enjoyed reading your blog. I loved your son's costumes and the "make-up", especially Dylan's sooo cute!


Thanks Geri!

So is your Little Evan, he is a cutie. I'm sure he'll be receiving gifts from girls earlier than you could imagine.

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