Sunday, 4 November 2007


I finally signed up with Pinoy Moms Network after months of merely a fan and an ardent reader. It is a site where equally talented Filipino blogging mothers around the world share, teach and discuss about everything. From parenting to gardening, home keeping, fashion name it.

PMN has a section, Tech Momma, for mama's like me who's computer proficiency is not that impressive. Tina is one of the contributors here and it is from her that I came to know about Pinoy Moms Network .

Go check it out and tell me if I did the right thing in joining these cool hot mommas!



Welcome to the Club Lovelyn! What took you so long? We are now representing the Cordilleras!

Makikipag-sabayan tayo sa mga galing sa Ateneo at De Lasale!
Oh diba?

Ada met ah iti maipa-kita tayo nga laing tayo nga taga-Baguio inya ;)

Somehow we also know a thing or two about parenting.


Thanks Tina.

AgpayTrue! DLSU, UP etc was kind'a intimidating. Typical i-Benguet mango ak, "shove 'em to the pit before givin' in hehehe"...

What a big challenge to represent the Cordilleras. That would mean -Trublue must help in editing my posts soon :-)


God forbid if some Noypi will also come up with Pinoy Dads Net. I can imagine the discussions in my head, and it's not amusing, hehe...such as, shining heads, their protruding guts, car and household tools. Hope we won't see a blog like that!

Pinoy Moms Net would be great a place for you all ladies. Won't even attempt to spy on it. Might see something like "her husband said he is smarter than his wife - ooohh, he must have a very smart wife!" Scary, hehe....

Off topic: I made you as a reference point in my latest post about this Halsema Thing. Hope you didn't mind. Thanks again.

Cheers to all and goodhealth.


lovelyn/tina, i haven't check the site yet but do you really mean that pips from these schools do intimidate others even when it comes to parenting/mommyhood? enya metten. my initial reaction is that parenting doesn't really relate to where one has graduated from, right? baka haan da pay ammo ti ag-ubba ti ubing? hehehe

Bill Bilig

Good for you that you joined. It will surely expand your network. Go go go Igorot/iCordillera moms :-)


Ciao Trublue;

No, I don't mind at all. Guess they can't get your point and had made it into such a big thing. Your identity is not even the issue and going that far is pure immaturity.

Going back to the network, its possible that Pinoy would have one someday hehehe, they'll be talking about "Pinay Power".

Ciao Jane,

No naman, no one there is implying anything. Tina was just saying we also know one or two about parenting even if we're not from those schools mentioned.

Enka ketdi agsign-up met, tapno adda kadwa mi ng igoy idiay. Its a very educational site.

Thanks Bill,

Wen garud. I go read their stuff so might as well register - not only for network expansion but to meet other mother bloggers:-)


you did the right thing :) enjoy!


Ciao raggold,

Indeed I did! After 4 warm welcomes, it felt so good to be accepted!


Welcome to PMN, Lovelyn! I love reading your exchanges in Ilocano, my mom being an Ilocano herself though we seldom speak the language.

The post If My Children Will Blog is funny! Daggiti ti ubbing mo? Cute nila!


Ciao Teacher Julie,

Its good to know you have Ilocano blood. It sounds cute though, you said, "dagiti ubing mo" then cute NILA"...nila showed you really don't speak it often hehehe....

Thanks for the comment and the visit. Be adding your site, hope you don't' mind.

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