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I'm the eldest among six girls and next to me is my sister, Noeda, with only a gap of one year. Among all my sisters, she's my "fighting-mate" during our younger days. Punching, kicking, nose bleeding and shouting would often raise our Dad's blood pressure. Dismayed, he would always tell us that it would be worse if we were boys.

As we age and eventually had a family of our own, I look back at it as part of growing up. A normal stage we have to go through or a part of the process where we acted out who and what we are that time - KIDS.

Writing this echoes my father's words when we do it rough. He would say: "Enjoy these short days being together as sisters. Someday you'll leave this home and will have a family of your own. Then no matter how you would want to turn back time to be young all together again, you can't 'uray in-nanges kayu ni dara'(even if you cry out tears of blood)." Indeed, he was right!

Last Sunday, we celebrated Noemi's first birthday. My sister Noeda and his husband Irven may look tired but they did well in making my niece's day a special one.

Noeda emailed me before her daughter's birthday about her children's(Roldan-2 years old and Noemi-1 y/o) early display of what we used to do - FIGHT! My Sister said:
"They don't really fight(YET), its just that Roldan would often slap Noemi for no reason. He pushes her all the time specially when Roldan is holding food or a toy. He thinks her little sister is going to get it away from him.

For Noemi, its like like she could sense it well that there is danger when Roldan comes to her. She would always run away from his big brother. Again, like she has a wiser mind of her own, Noemi does her pay back when Roldan is asleep. She would pull his brother's hair and pokes his nose hahaha...."

Excerpt from Your Child: Development And Behavior resources:

Be There For Each Child:

1. Set aside “alone time” for each child. Each parent should spend some one-on-one with each kid on a regular basis. Try to get in at least a few minutes each day. It’s amazing how much even just 10 minutes of uninterrupted one-on-one time can mean to your child.

2. When you are alone with each child, ask them once in a while what they like most and least about each brother and sister. This will help you keep tabs on their relationships, and also remind you that they probably do have some positive feelings for each other!
3. Listen—really listen—to how your children feel about what’s going on in the family. They may not be so demanding if they know you at least care how they feel.

4. Celebrate your children’s differences. Let each child know they are special—just for who they are...read more HERE:



Thanks sister!!
You are not even feeling well in yet you still have the time to make Noemi's cake.It was really good!
Noemi is learning a lot from her brother now so she's starting to fight back.

It's really funny thinking those days when we quarrel a lot.Do you still remember when we we're in our boarding house at km.5?I don't know what causes our fight but we started boxing from the 2nd deck bed until we fall but we continued fighting.Poor Rachelle,hahaha.


lovelyn, this is something i can really relate to. you should know flynn and I are also just a year away. the most notable experience I have was when we were still renting in Acop, we had a fight and we both ended up crying. daddy took us up in our neighboors roof and had us placed in opposite directions then he took a picture of us.unfortunately, the pix was one of those turned into ashes but somehow, the image is instilled in my mind.
on the other hand, we did soemhow love those times we had our fights, so with our younger sisters, LOL. "pinungot ken kinneddel" were the famous acts. :P


Ciao Matsay,

Yeah, I remember Rachelle hahaha! She said, "Grabe kayu!" and got really angry hehehe...Poor Rachelle indeed!

Ciao Jane,

Sayang, that picture could have been nice.

How I wish Flynn could join us here, knowing how kalog she is, for sure she'll have lots of kwento with your kiddel and pinnungot(lol)


lovelyn, you did baked Noemi's caked? wow naman!
about your "fight" back then with Noeds, good thing you didn't destroy the bed, LOL.
I called Flynn the other night,they're getting an internet connection soon.I'll tell her about our online chit-chats so she can join.


Ciao Jane,

Can't wait to hear from Flynn!

Yep, I did the cake. Testing 123 hehehe...cheaper to bake one rather than buying and you will not make tipid your sahog kaya mas masarap'er.

The bed was injured(lol)!

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