Friday, 2 November 2007


'Auguri' to Bill - From The Boondocks, a well deserved victory! Now we can rest from clicking AGAIN and AGAIN HERE and HERE.

For the detailed results of this contest, click
TINA . Browse around also to learn from her brilliant ideas on net entrepreneurship. Her PPP achievements, in a short period of time, will make you proud you're connected to her in any way. I mean blogroll, SAHM and another Baguio girl.

While Bill is in hiding for owing everyone a cup of coffee(lol), in his behalf, let me thank you all for supporting his winnings!



Hi Lovelyn,

Baka nag CTS ka met ten kaka-click! Thank you for the support. You didn't only support Bill but me as well in the process. Ag-PPP ka met gaminen, even if the exchange rate from dollars to euro is low, you can always spend it on Amazon and send it to Italy. That way the value of the item doesn't matter when it's in goods already. Tapnu maka-shopping ka met. It's not much at first but kahit pa $5 each time you blog pang commercial break ba, makaka-ipon ka rin ng pang-kikay. Tapos you aren't taxed on US because you are in Europe. I just don't know how your tax system over there.

Happy Weekend!


Lovelyn, maybe he's figuring out how to give us our own share of coffee from the boondocks :)


Believe he knew was going to win, so he took all our coffee and went up the boondocks to celebrate, maybe him and Mr Pagano..hehe...
Great camaraderie by everyone concerned to let him bag the "big kahuna". Maybe you're next in line so bettah kiss up with Tina, hahaha....Cheers again and goodhealth as well.


hehehe Tina, didn't have CTS cause I took goole's advice: perform stretching exercises, take frequent rest breaks, wear splints to keep wrists straight, and use correct posture and wrist position.

I would like to sign for PPP but I can't figure out how to link a site. When I use the linking of blogger, the whole URL appears. So what I do is use friendster blog's linkage then copy and paste it to blogger. Importante pa naman yun sa PPP. Any advice?

Have anice weekend too!


Ciao Jane,

Maybe he thinks meditation in the boondocks will do the trick(lol).

I commented on your blog with Bill, guess it didn't get through


Boungiorno Trublue,

Maybe Pagano had the first cup and even the refills :-)

Camaraderie is the "TruPrice" I've learned and felt from Tina's contest.

Cheers, as always, and have a nice weekend to all!

Bill Bilig

thanks a lot for your support. i couldn't have won without it.

i second Tina in her suggestion that you also sign up for PPP.

if ever you will be in manila, i promise to buy you coffee hehe. cheers.


Bill's back! You're always welcome, its been a pleasure nursing a CTS for you hehehe...oist, its so hot in Manila so Ice cream na lang akin like Ganda.

For the PPP, in time, I hope to join you and Tina for the "dollar chase".

KK aka Tina

Hi Lovelyn,

I have a new contest. This time for Starbucks coffee(different trips or bring friends). I know Italian expresso tastes better but some of your fans might be interested.

KK aka Tina

Hi Lovelyn,

Link the sites?
The easiest way is to go to Word
highlight the word you want to link up and choose "insert hyperlink" from the toolbar. it's the icon with the earth.

copy the hyperlinked word and paste it.


Ciao Tina,

Wow, another contest. Coffee? Sounds fun. I'll check it after this. Thanks for echoing, been lazy lately, lots of cd's from the Philippines made a couched potato out of me.

Btw, about the linking, in my blogger tool bar I have that icon with a green globe and the LINK drawing on it. Then if you click on it "url" appears so I type the url and click ok. these appears directly to my entry: asking what the word for it like "HERE:"

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