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Our rug rat Dylan is having his first birthday next month. Before I forget his funny little mischief adventures, I thought of writing a continuation to this post found HERE: (Baby "D", The Explorer).
Still the ongoing curiosity and exploring makes Dylan busy and he rules our home now. Our little tot never gets tired of walking around the house and storms the bathroom when he sees his chance - "the open door", that had clogged the toilet bowl last week. A part of which I am to blame because of "poor judgement" that the ball he dropped was small anyway so I flushed it instead. I had to put on my gloves to "retrieve" this ball which trapped the tissues that won't allow the water to drain(ewww?!!).

Rattles, teethers etc... and electric outlets don't amuse him anymore. Dylan's toddler "missions" are into POWER BUTTONS for now. You will just be caught unguarded when the computer is suddenly switching off or the printer icon pops out on the monitor. Lukie would often shout, "DYYLANNN!!!", when he is enjoying his TV show and his little brother changed the channel or had pushed the OFF button.
Did I say he already knew the "law of gravity"? Books, papers, blocks, toys etc...are all over the floor and you are to fix it for him to mess again.
Aside from pushing buttons, Christmas tree is Dylan's new discovery. He pulls everything hanging on it. A must not to say "NO" for a learning toddler who is trying to taste, feel and see everything he gets hold of except for harmful or dangerous things. When I consciously don't apply re-directing or diverting his attention away from the decoration, I tell him NO.

I know its not right to stop him from his exploring and my husband doesn't understand me sometimes with this. He may even be right when he says my kids might grow hating Christmas trees. But, I want something beautiful standing up there spared from messing up for a change. I can get tired too hanging back what my son took off.

So why put up that Christmas tree after all? Maybe my kids will understand me someday that I tried to let them feel the spirit of Christmas or had showed them that Christmas do exist... And, they will know that my nagging them over a tree is better than no Christmas at all.



you have another share of toddler's adventure, hihihi. i am glad jade has somewhat passed that stage, she starts to listen to "NO's" now. i am not putting up a christmas tree yet. i am hoping that by next year, we'll have enough space to accommodate it. by date, my daughter should be adoring it :)


Dylan is cute! I think he will have good memories of Christmas in spite of the NOs. :)


you know what, you put up that tree because it gives the family more fun... ayan na nga at fave na sya ni dylan :D when you say NO, mean it by gesturing and pointing to the object that he should not touch... it takes time but he would learn it, too. basta lang be consistent... kami wala pang christmas tree e.


Ganyan talaga pag boys, ha ha!

You know that chain of little golden balls, my youngest daughter had one golden ball up her nose and we had an ENT get it from the nose. Ayun, the golden boogie was worth Php1,000!

Just be careful with the breakables. Put covers in the electric sockets and remove all those toys that can be swallowed. Yun plus a lot more...

Hope everything will be ok :)


Ciao Jane,

For sure Jade will love it. You'll see how she'll sneak out and land her magic touch. My eldest is 5 y/o, yet, he still goes and play with it when he thought mama ain't lookin'.

Thanks Megamom,

Yeah I hope Dylan remembers how nice the tree is and not my head shaking while saying NO hihihi...

Ciao Raggold,

Thanks for the tips. You're right, I just need to be consistent. He gets confuse because I let him pull the hanging "blings" when I'm on the computer. Also when the husband looks after the kids, he lets them massacre the tree(lol).

Ciao Teacher Julie,

What an expensive boogie indeed :D! During my Nursing days, lots of cases in the ER/OR where kids insert these ball like into their nose or ears. "Corn Bits and Green Bits" were the common culprits before back in the Philippines.

Thanks again!

Bill Bilig

Out of topic ito you may choose not to publish it, hehe.

Kasi I read your I signed up with PPP post in my Feedreader but when I came here to congratulate you, wala namang naka post :-) Anyways, good that you signed up.


Lovelyn, I tagged you. :) Show me a sunset or sunrise, maybe a Venetian one would be nice. :)


Ciao Bill,

I tried posting my first but for some reason (error/this blog can't show...keeps on popping out) its something about the copy and paste link required. I have to work on my html and I don't have the time for now.

Wish me MORE luck for PPP hehehe...

Ciao Megamom,

I'm excited to do the tag. Thanks.

Its a good idea! I haven't posted any and we have lots of sunset and sunrise pictures here. I'll do it this afternoon.

KK aka Tina

Wow Dylan is in his "kirab" stage. As someone who is just an onlooker, it's cute and funny but I know it's pretty tiring to have to keep an eye on the little ones at this stage because they are always trying to taste something.


Ciao Tina,

True, 'kirab' stage. With Lukie before, t'was the time I lost my pregnancy fats. Now, seems to be the opposite.


Lovelyn, you are not alone. Re: the toilet bowl, I have a friend who used to work for a toilet bowl manufacturing and they used ping pong ball as a basis for a good flushing. We are waiting for next before our first Xmas tree, I just don't have the energy for the extra Nos that comes with it. For this year we will have to be content for Xmas decors that can be hanged and placed from a toddlers out of reach :)


Ciao Geri,

Good to hear about the pingpong ball. Yeah, it was of that size the ball my son has dropped.

Better. Christmas tree should be put up during or after preschooler stage.

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