Friday, 30 November 2007

Sunset or Sunrise Photo Tag

MegaMom tagged me with Show me your sunset or sunrise. Rules are: It has to be a picture I took, where and how it made me feel.

I'm sorry to break the first rule as I'm posting my husband's Sunset photos. He has so many exquisite 'Tramonto del sole'(sunset)shots and I would like to share them. Besides, I'm not good with taking scenery and landscape pictures. But(sounding defensive), my husband would agree that I'm better in taking my children's portraits.

As to how it makes me feel, I simply love it! Its so enchanting how it is reminding me to stop, slow down, look, enjoy and appreciate what is around me. It also brings back a lot of my childhood memories - some found HERE:

These are all taken here in Cavallino Treporti, a part of Venice Italy except with this photo above which is taken at the very heart of Venice called San Marco. What's amazing with our sundowns here is that, the colors do vary to what the weather and season is. When its gloomy or mostly during winter, it would look this gray:
During summer's clear sky, when everyone is out with their boats and on to the beach, it would be a rich color of gold, yellow and orange.
My husband prefers it when there are clouds. Its more dramatic as WELL(Baguio Artist) describes it!

Then the corny me would say:
When the sun finally sank in,
down to the water as it may seem.
The night is then set to fall,
yield to rest, we must all.

More photos of Venice Sunset here at my husband - Boogie's Blog

Now I'm passing the tag to Matsay, Miss Buguias , Jane , Nikki , Hannah, Layad and REYNA ELENA . Please holler this blog if you did the tag. Thanks!



Sunrise or sunset, regardless of where it was taken is always beautiful.
The first pic is best, although they are ALL worth cherishing.
Cheers and goodhealth......

KK aka Tina

Wow Lovelyn! Awesome photos of the sunset, kudos to your husband. I really like the first one.

I hope to see Venice one day too. Anya makan dita aya?


Pst! I'll try this weekend, dami ko nang utang na tag eh heheheh!! thanks for the tag! ganda pala nang nlitratos mo!!


I knew I could count on you to show us Venice by sundown! These are just breath-taking. Thanks to your hubby, too. :)


aw, those are great captures, i love all of them!

Bill Bilig

All I can say is "Wow". Really great photos :-)


Ciao Trublu,

Long time no read.
True, regardless where its taken, its always beautiful!

Ciao Tina,

Thanks, your pics are awesome too!
Venice makan? Pasta and pasta...Black spaghetti and 'bisukol', their specialty.

Ciao Renz,

Be looking forward to your post, siguradong classic na naman yan!

So happy you dropped by. Di ko nilitratos yan, si papa gumawa. Btw, I'll show your Baguio S
candal to him later hehehe!

Ciao Megamom,

Grazie ulit for the tag. As I've said, brilliant idea for a tag! I believe, sunset or sunrise will always be a captivating subject for any one who holds a camera.

Ciao Analyse,

Thanks and thanks to my hubby hehehe. Just went to peek at your site. Your photos are looking great too!

I'll be adding you on my must clicks, hope you don't mind. Grazie ulit.


Ciao Bill,

Almost miss you there! Thanks for the WOW ;-)


anak ng......... pagkagandaganda naman nito, kabsat! hehe

ayaw iwanan ng mata ko yung una, binalikan ko pa!


I must say, it takes a good eye to take pictures of that caliber. Kudos to your hubby, Lovelyn. :)

Hey, thanks for the tag! I'm not a big sunset/sunrise photo taker (that's not to say I don't appreciate them :P), but I'm sifting through my photo collection to look for the shots I did take.I'll post 'em up soon.


I love sunset,i do have some pictures though.I'll post them oneday.Those are really nice shots!


Ciao Ganda,

Salamat at salamat kay Pappy hehehe...That was taken noon pa and we forgot about it till I was tagged.

Ciao Hannnah,

Oh dear! You surely made the husband happy(lol)!

Thanks and we'll be looking forward to those pix.

Ciao Matsay,

Agag makapasok blog mo, kindly send me your Url para dag-dag ko blog-roll ko.

See you Thursday sis!


I just got from your husband's Tramonto del sole post and his photos are wonderful, Lovelyn.



i love your sunrise /sunset photos :) we spent a day in venice getting lost, too. those photos made me reminisce, sigh.


Ciao Teacher Julie,

Now, its not just me who checks on my comments. The husband too like its his own blog hehehe...

Ciao Raggold,

Typical tourist getting their way out of the maze. That's Venice "get away". Trick would be (aside from looking for the arrows)simply ask or follow where most of the people go.


naku! ingat pag pinakita mo yong Baguio Scandal ko! me mga hubo't hubad dun! hehehe!

HOY! saan mo napulot yang asawa mo? meron pa??? hehehe!!! let me know! BWHAHAHAHA

Jane 101

lovelyn, i looked into my photo collection so I can come up with my own sunset/sunrise post after your tag but only to find out, i don't have any sunrise shoot and i have few sunset shoots, not even that presentable. i think i need to work on getting nice shots para di naman nakakahiya, hihihi.


Ciao Reynz,
Sa Wright Park nung hindi pa pink ang mga horses...Trueness Reyna.

Ciao Jane,

Its not that important naman the out come of the pix. What I liked about this tag is, you'll get to appreciate the nature. For me, kakaiba feeling when I see those colors.


Absolutely beautiful! Haaay... Is your husband a professional photographer? =)


Thanks Layad.

Its only a hobby for Boogs. Not really his profession. As he said, he is reviving an old hobby. He just started again last year.

Thanks for dropping by!

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