Saturday, 8 December 2007




Happy birthay Dylan!
Great looking cake, Lovelyn. And also what a great photo montage. Looks like so much fun.

Bill Bilig

Happy birthday to the birthday boy. Seems like everyone had a good time :-)


happy bday to your lil one ;)


Ciao Megamom,

It was fun for me because I didn't do much job(for a change). I hope everyone had fun.


Ciao Bill,

Grazie. Yeah, the oldies had a good time and birthday boy doesn't know yet why :-)


Dylan will be set for life being a sagittarius. Most of them are hardworking and business-minded their minds are always thinking of being ahead. He will do well, trust me. Was raised by one, married to one, my son is one, and sorrounded by many. I would be very poor and destitute without them in my life, hehe....
Nice ocassion for him and your family and friends. Cheers to him!


belated happy birthday, to the cute little boy. biglang na insecure ako dun sa teddy bear cake that i baked for my MC, ahahah. yours looked much much better!

KK aka Tina

Happy Birthday Dylan!
Wow! You made the cake?!!!! Awesome Lovelyn.


Ciao Trublue,

I'll cross my finger and take your say about Sagittarians.

Sunod-sunod garud a occasions for your family.

It was a get together for us, good for the kids so they will be exposed to a Filipino crowd. My eldest insists he is an Italian and we keep on telling him we are Filipinos.

Ciao Raggold,

Just saw your cake. I would want a shape like that. Importante naman basta may ibo-blow na cake mga bata.

Thanks and hope MC is better now.
Ciao Tina,

Yep, I did. Things you can do when you have all the time in your hand hahaha....

Thanks for the greeting!


belated happy birthday dylan!
great party lovelyn!


Tenk yu Tita jane!

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