Saturday, 29 December 2007


Our employer once asked me if we have customary food served for Christmas and I readily told her about 'pinikpikan'. Not to give her the wrong impression that its all for Filipinos, I immediately told her about us from the 'montania'(mountain) and also queso de bola, puto bongbong and other food for the season. I was thinking, what is expected of me to say about traditional food? Of course, I'll tell her what I was accustomed to. My mom with her pancit, macaroni salad and other stuff, true we're never out of these on all occasions but its not really considered as traditional in it's very sense.

Lukie enjoying his Pandoro breakfast

Here, the Italians have their traditional Christmas cakes Pandoro and Panettone flushed by dessert wine after the main dish which is suppose to be fish. For us, we don't really eat it for dessert. We prefer it for breakfast because of it's more bread like taste. Pandoro, which we like better, is plain and softer while Panettone has dried fruits, orange rinds and sometimes chocolates and nuts. Few days before Christmas, you'll see almost all people going home with boxes of these with wine in it as give aways from their bosses.

As we speak of food, I mentioned on my last post that till the 27th of December, I haven't cook any of our meal. Thanks to our friends and neighbors who brought us their specialties on Christmas day. Kuya George who gave us 'pinapaitan' and 'kilaweng pusit'. Lorna with 'dinuguan', 'ginataang hipon', 'patatim', 'puto' and 'crema d' frutta'. Then Manang Neneth came with her tray of Cassava cake. Ingredients for such recipies are not easy to find here, Kuya George's kins had to butcher 'kambing' just for the 'papa-it' and fresh blood for dinuguan is not allowed in the market.

Then my nephew Roldan had his 3rd birthday on the 26th. I stayed home with sick Dylan. My husband went back to work so my sister Ica came to get Lukie for his cousin's big day. Again, more food when my son came back home.

Once more, GAZIE to Kuya George, Lorna and Ate Neneth. Belated happy 3rd birthday to Roldan and a million thanks to all who who sent their presents to Baby D and Lukie.

If its easier to have friends than owning a car then I've also proven that ITS BETTER TO HAVE FRIENDS THAN TO COOK hehehe....



Thanks for the gifts you've given for Roldan and Noemi.They both used it at Roldan's birthday.Noemi looks good at her dress.And thanks for the cake's recipe.
Hope and Pray for Dylan's full recovery,may kainan ulit sa New Year....


Happy New Year to you and your family, Lovelyn!
Have been so bad about blogging lately, but hope to make it up.
Good thing you had the chance to eat dinardaraan there. And I so LOOOVE panettone! kakainggit!


You're welcome Sis! Thanks for the gifts too!

All the best for this new year!

Likewise Megamom and all the best to you too and the whole fam.

Yeah, I really love dinardaraan. Panettone is on sale now hehehe...if only I could send you one!


hhmmmnnn, now i know why you didn't cook for few days. it really is nice to have friends around especially when food comes along with friendship, hehehehe.just gaiety here.

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