Saturday, 22 December 2007


Last Friday was Lukie's Christmas party at school. It was one of those days where he ate his breakfast quickly and groomed himself with out a fuss. Mama, Papa and Dylan will finally watch him sing and hear the poem he memorized by heart.
Big brother was extra sweet with Dylan during the party and was so proud to have his little brother. "Baby Dylan!", made me smile hearing it from all Lukie's classmates. Everybody in his class knew Dylan and"BABY" has to be attached to it.

During the party, I can't help to notice how inseparable my first born and his 'migliore amico'(best friend), Alessandro. They've been going around the room copying what one does. It was so heartwarming seeing them so carefree and blissful.
I suddenly miss 'mia migliore amica'(my best-friend) - Brenda. We've been friends since high school, took the same course and reviewed for our board exam together. We knew each other's ups and downs, laugh and cried together and had also witnessed how one goes gaga over his crush. If there is such thing as soul-mate in friendship then that defines us. She made me her brides maid when she got married and also her alibi to her escapades when she goes for nightlife as bewitched by her naughty cousins.

His husband once told me not to call Brenda for those jaunts as she's married now. He said my friend has her own life and me being around is not doing any good with their marriage. I was about to shout, "WHAAATT????", but my great pal is making faces behind his husband pleading for me to shush. Huhh! I just came from my long months of stay in Davao City, how could I be around all the time? OK, her wife is my friend, not him, so I concurred to his make believe horrid accusation(LOL). Anyways, she's a mother of three now and works as a school nurse. Which reminds me, I haven't sent her Christmas card for three years now. Bad friend I am!By the way, I didn't do his husband's request, I stayed around my friends life!


Jane 101

lovelyn dear. just dropping my to say merry christmas to you and your family.
i suddenly miss my best buddies too. i got the chance to send christmas cards last week, hope they'll get it on time.
PS - did Brenda's hubby really tell you that? hihihi


Merry Christmas to you and your family Lovelyn!

Your two sons are so cute together!

Re: your best friend, seloso ang hubby niya ah!


dont you just love watching the boys? real cute!


Merry Christmas too and a happy and healthy 2008 to your family.

Oh yes, he did but I do understand him. That was before, thy have 3 kids na pala not 2.

Ciao Tina,

Greetings to you too and the whole fam.

RE: dala ng pagkapulis siguro hehehe, he is a cop btw. He is ok now, we always celebrate our despideda with them before going back here for our 2 past visits na.

Ciao Raggold,

Its fun and touching watching them na magkasundo.

Thanks for dropping by!


Childhood friendships are special and that is what my son is missing. Sigh, can't have it all.

The hubby ha, hmph! At least, ok na now :)

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