Wednesday, 26 December 2007


The plan was to attend the midnight mass and have the Noche Buena at my friend Lorna's house. They've got three kids and it was always fun for my boys to be spending time with them. We were suppose to see Tito Joel who stole Santa's costume (joke Jo' hehehe) that made Tita Lorna so pretty that night. Then the most awaited opening of gifts that Lukie had been anticipating would be later that night when we get back home(if they are still awake).

tito joel and tita lorna
Another plan for the next day was to have a simple Christmas lunch at home with my sister Noeda's family. Then maybe in the afternoon, we'll head over to Jing's house for his husband Jojo's Christmas birthday.
All remained as mere plans. Dylan had Scarlet Fever which is an epidemic here. He got it from his brother's Christmas party at school. "Strong Igorot boy", I call him as even with fever and all, he still goes with his walking around the house, dancing when there's music and his messing up with the Christmas tree.
It was a surprise for me when he slurped his anti-biotic at first take. He will be on meds for ten days though rashes have already faded. We're now nursing a cough that makes him vomit at times and his lost of appetite. I was trying to reach his pediatrician this morning to ask why his fever came back after four days of not having it. He was still on holiday leave that started last week and from his answering machine, he referred us back to the doctor who saw Dylan last Sunday.('Igorot' boy is dancing with this music(CLICK HERE:) as I was encoding this entry).
Our Christmas eve still turned Ok if not better as we intimately celebrate it together - just us! We ordered pizza as we don't feel like cooking which Lukie enjoyed more than a fancy dinner. We popped a bottle of wine for the grown ups after and ate some nuts, fresh fruits and chocolates.

My sister Ica, who divides her days off between me and my other sister Noeda, joined us as we hear ALVIN and the CHIPMUNKS fill our home with their Christmas songs.

On my next post, read why until now, 27th of December, I HAVE NOT yet cooked any of our meal...


Jane 101

hei lovelyn, sorry to hear about Dylan. i hope he's ok now. glad still to know that he was all active and happy during your celebration. btw, is there no vaccine for such kind of illness?
anyway, i look forward to your next post. i'm curious tuloy why...


scarlet fever's been going around here for sometime din. i hope your little boy's better now. at least you got to enjoy a bit of christmas at home.


he is ok now jane. vaccine, don't think so. just like chicken pox, i mean things they acquire for that immune system to do it's job.

ciao raggold,

he is ok now, just with a bit of cough. at least scarlet fever is manageable now, unlike the olden times.

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