Friday, 14 December 2007


All our "first's" (hmmnnn....eekkk!!!)

So much for being sentimental, I'm very much guilty if it were a crime hahaha...I just love "FIRST'S" and sometimes in exaggeration, I mark it like its some huge archival event.(lol)

my husband's first note on a tissue paper hehehe

I didn't know it's that fast how payperpost would approve postings and pay you so quick. Last Wednesday, 12th of December, I received my first pay through my PayPal account after a day of entering my entry: PAYPERPOST DREAM HOLIDAY . I should have blogged about it earlier but "sleepy head" had been hitting me lately.

I still need to work on reading more and learning how payperpost works. I had just known, I would be needing an impressive blog traffic for open opportunities or available ads to blog about. It says I will be needing my aunts, cousins and bribed friends to visit more. Coffee anyone?hehehe....



i've registered with PPP back in june, i think, but never had to the guts and the determination to work on it, hehe. good luck to you.


congrats lovelyn.way to go!
hey, one of your "firsts" show how lukie really look like your boogie. :)
good you kept that tissue, have it laminated so you can preserve it. do you keep a sort of "lumang baul" where you put all those memorabilias?


Ciao Raggold,

You really have to have time to wait for the opportunities which I can't for now. Hope to work on it more on January.


Ciao Jane,

Hehehe 'lumang baul', nahhh, too bulky(lol). Actually, I made a scrapbook out of it. Its nice to scan it once in a while specially when PMS is around hehehe....

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