Wednesday, 19 December 2007


'Babbo Natale' (Santa Claus) visited our place Cavallino last December 2. It was the first time our community hosted the event in the newly built business complex the town inaugurated recently. Never mind the business part as the kids enjoyed Santa's stopover anyway.

We came a bit late because I totally forgot about it . Hadn't my sister called, we would be missing the fun. Two jokers kept the kids entertained while waiting for Santa Claus to show up. They played with them as they run around screaming and had hurt one of Lukie's friend - Carlo. This was the sweet friend who approached us when we first arrived and have led Lukie to join the other kids. Carlo stumbled during the game and this had set Lukie into his bad mood.

Then Babbo Natale appeared with this modernistic ride of his. A policeman was driving it while Santa rode behind him. My nephew, Roldan, is owning Rudolf's replacement with his cutie pose.

When it was time for the pictures with Santa, every one flocked on the stage wanting to be the first to sit on his lap. No one bothered to form a line. So with the mommies and dads holding their babies and of course I was one of them. Boogie said I looked like a chubby kid in the crowd as I took Lukie for his turn. Not that I look young but with the Italian's height, I am the shorty Mama hehehe! Funny cause when asked who's to be the first to be cuddled by Babbo, the kids hesitated. A 12 year old boy bravely did and everyone followed after.

We still have have to get the developed prints from the official photographer who is one of the organizers.

I was reminded when I was a little girl in the small town of Tublay. I thought Santa Claus only exists in America and only goes to houses with chimneys. I once hanged a sock on our window before we went to spend Christmas at my fathers farm. When we came back, my letter to Babbo Natale was still there and I didn't have any of the things I asked. Oh, I don't mind if he owes me that much from that time on. I knew now why he didn't drop by at Tublay with Lukie's writings on what he wants Santa to bring on Christmas day. I must have filled my list back then!

Mommy Raggold posted her Santa Claus is Coming to Town (Today) . She included the True Story of Santa Claus (HERE:) where Saint Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering.



Nice to see your kids enjoying the christmas spirit.

Wishing you and your entire families a merry christmas and a happy new year. Cheers!


merry christmas, dear :D


Likewise, Trublue! Happy holidays to you and the whole family.

My eldest literally marked the
24th space of our calendar with gifts.


Ciao Raggold.

Merry Christmas to you too and the whole family.

Hope you don't mind the linking.

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