Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Three of my "Must Clicks": Tina, Jane, and Bill, had been encouraging me to sign up for payperpost specially Tina who accomplished her Mac challenge. Who wouldn't be lured with the idea of being paid while doing what you love in the comfort of being in your pajamas? I did! I was thinking, I might be writing for the CHECK and forget why I started this blog.

So what convinced me after all this time? Its "2008 CHRISTMAS VACATION IN THE PHILIPPINES"! We were suppose to go home this year for the holidays but we hesitated when we learned that for our FARE ALONE, it would cost us 4,000 euros or 208,000 in pesos. Wheeww! Pocket money is not even included and its Christmas. With only my husband working, that's too much and a luxury for us.

My children's grandparents on both side of the family, are not growing any younger and we want them to hug and enjoy our kids while they can. We can't afford that for now and I believe with payperpost I can help my husband raise some amount while I am home taking care of our babies.

My blogging for payperpost is with a goal after all and I'm still in the right track that this blog is for my Dylan and Lukie. A Noche Buena with the big family and memories of their grannies spoiling them I hope to recount next year.

With this post alone, I will be receiving 20 dollars through my PayPal account. This will make my husband happy as my time on the computer will help him save for our "Dream Christmas Vacation 2008". Isn't that a nice story to tell?



Good for you, Lovelyn. :) God bless you in your new venture. Congratulations as well for the new opportunity to hone your writing skills. Remember, it's always about the fun! Enjoy!

Bill Bilig

Finally! Good luck. I'm sure you will earn some money especially kung tutukan mo talaga. Ako it's only now that I'm doing it regularly :-)


Yes indeed and congrats.
Why don't you share some of your poems also in your blog.I do remember you had a lot of them when you were in highschool and college.
Let me know if you receive your first check,hehe,just kidding!!Enjoy and Goodluck.

Tina aka KK

Hi Lovelyn,

May you be able to celebrate Christmas in the Philippines next year. All the best! Thanks for the plugging too ;) .


good luck sa ipon mo! bakit ang mahal ng pasahe nyo? kami for 4 persons around 2,000 euro tapos thai airways pa yon ha. we would be flying this feb 2008 to manila.


Ciao Hannah,

I'll keep that in mind dear, it would always be about the fun. Thanks.

Ciao Bill,

Luck, I need loads of it. Time for blogging also, as I've been sleepy most of the time lately hehehe...Grazie.

Ciao Matsay,

I don't have them and lost all the copies. Knowing how we fix our things at home, aysus! Wa' na. Thanks.

Ciao Tina,

Sapay kuma. Lolos, rest of the fam and the Pony boys will be happy too if we'll be home by then. Just like Christmas 2005 when we spent it there. Grazie.

Ciao Raggold.

I don't know. Just like 2 years ago, 1,040 euros each for me and hubby and 940 for Lukie. That's with Cathay Pacific. Maybe its peak season kasi ordinary month 820-870 euros daw.

According to my cousin who knows someone in a ticketing office here, some travel agencies buy all the tickets for Christmas, so it would be fully book. Then come November, they'll re sell it with a higher price.

ms buguias

Way to go 'cuz!!!


wish you all the best insan! have a blessed "blogging" new year!!!


That much?!

Hope you can do a lot of posts. I have been doing paid blogging too but it was just the last two-three months that I posted more. Ok naman, kasi converted to peso ang usd.

Wish you well, Lovelyn :)



Ciao Ms Buguias,

Thanks insan. Almost missed this comment. I like your two latest blogs, as always met ah!

Ciao Dyanis,

Sala-salamat insan. I'm so happy you dropped by. Happy holidays. Keep yourselves warm!!!

Ciao Teach Juls,

Tumaas pa ata dollars ngayun. Kami naman bumaba. Thanks!


So behind on my blog reading, but am trying to catch up. Your plea is noted. :) Good luck sa PayPerPost! Hope to see you next year. EB tayo...


Ciao Megamom,

Oo ba, na excite tuloy ako sa EB! Hope to see the Megamom and the kids.



good luck lovelyn!go!go!go!


Ciao Jane,

Start doing your first post too! Narigat met, kelangang tutukan ken online ka kanayun.

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