Wednesday, 12 November 2008

HE IS A WOMAN TOO(the song, I mean)

Jehan is my fifth sister and the fourth sister to join us in increasing the number of our little "mafia" here in Italy. She came last Sunday just in time for our niece, Noemi's second birthday. The last time I saw Jehan was when we went for a vacation in the Philippines last 2006. She was always with her daughter Erica who was 2 years old that time.

Its great to be reunited again and she had been reminding me of so many things I did when I was, errr... you know, ahhh... younger hahaha.... Like this film, The Thing Called Love, I've watched a million times but totally forgot that I love it... So much of the many things marriage made me forget, actually(lol). I can't even place the name of the actor and I said, "Ah yes, that movie! Christian Slater, my old boyfriend. Poor guy he died of OD". Then my sister squinted with out her eye glasses and asked, "Really, he died? When? Dead? How could that....?"

Goshhh! What happened to my brains? That's River Phoenix for old time's sake!!!



wow, you've got a 'mafia' there, inggit naman ako.


Ciao Mother of 2,

Yep, and hope to add more!

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