Saturday, 1 November 2008


Teacher Julie's topic for this week is about Annoying People .

Who is the most annoying person that you have been unfortunate to have met in person?

Since its unethical to name names, I'd rather answer it to why they are so annoying. For this time its those people who are very much into land disputes with out equipping their complains with legalities. Them who always think are being fooled when its more of ignorance.

I'll keep this post short because I don't want my Sunday ruined. No worries anyway, we are on the RIGHT side so let them be. To keep bitterness with age is just plainly sad - that goes to me and "them" too.

When I have my PMS, that's another story. But, who else would I "land" my annoyance?.... My dear husband of course! Well, that's love ahahaha...'Trueness'!!!!



Wow, and to think I rambled about someone that I really have no contact with except that I just hear her rambling on, here you are with a case that may need legal intervention.

Lovelyn, there is this show on TV about HS students in Tublay being haunted and spirits are said to be taking over their bodies. Nagsasalita pa ng Japanese.

Hope your 2 day Holy days (even if these fell on a weekend) will be well.

Have a great week and thank you for playing again :)


Right now it's the McPalin campaign's incoherent plans and strategies to fix the economy.

Probably most annoying was yesterday when Sarah talked to a "fake" French President and sort of spilled the beans. She even had the gall to tell him she will be president in eight years. This woman is just losing it.


Ciao Julie,

I think that possessed story is real. It has something to do with putting up a building ata.

I haven't received he question for this week, I'll check it out later on your site.

Ciao TruBlue,

I was all along right. Congratulations to all of us rooting for Obama. That was one sweet teary victory for me!

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