Friday, 31 October 2008


My favorite post so far is this: IF MY CHILDREN WILL BLOG. For this year's Halloween, DYLAN will do the talking.

"Its like a dream. I can't really recall the first time I've ever noticed the "existence" of pumpkins. But every time I see my old photos, I knew the feeling of being there at that very moment.

Almost two years old that time, I was running around this orange voodoo thing and was mumbling words while my brother was laughing loud at me. In my thoughts, "Great! I must be doing it right, Lukie finds it very funny".

Whilst my Mama with the photo cam, keeps on saying, "Oh men!" and shakes her head upon seeing every picture she just took. I knew I heard her say, "Dylan, stop moving!" with a "Grrrrrrrr!" and "Hssssss!"(lol)....

The night before my mumbo-jumbo dance, Mama and I got home with the pumpkin carved already. My Papa amd Lukie did it. We just came from a tiring afternoon at IKEA to shop and complete my big brother's room. I think I've read my Ma's entry in her blog for that "room furnishing".

Listen, (I mean read you me) One thing "bloggable" about this post (not only because its Halloween), my Mama just watched me stuck my finger's into that pumpkin. I was trying to reach for the lighted candle and OUCH, that did hurt. Then my Mama said, "Now you know its hot!" and she scooped me up as I was crying. I've learned about "fire" that time and my Mama's kiss plus hug were more soothing than running the water on my tiny little hands."


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