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Teacher Julie posted, "Man Jobs, You Say?" for her 19th Weekly Question at GreenBucks.

What man jobs can you do?

I like to "believe" I can do everything except things that will require heavy lifting. I help in painting the house, pluming jobs when husband is not around, repairing electrical gadgets which I am actually making it worst etc... etc... Insisting I can do 'em men job is annoying sometimes(if not most of the time), ask my husband (at least I know and accepting I am hahaha).

Its more interesting though - to know what women jobs men can do.

20th WQ is about Milk Scare.

Do you think NOW is really the time to patronize our locally made milk and milk products or would you still trust products manufactured in other countries?

Not only milk but all products done locally should be patronized. Its cheaper and it also helps the country's economy. To be at the safer side, specially for the children, better not consume any dairy products from China for now.

21st WQ: Was A Lesson Taught and Learned Here?

Its about a daughter, the treasurer in her class, who lost the school fund. She was about to cover-up the stolen money with her savings (a gift from her grandma) but her mom who discovered it from the daughter's teacher gave the amount. The mother said not to tell his Dad and if he asks where the money(for the back-up) went, it would be for her daughter's pair of jeans.

The daughter's reason for not telling it to her parents was not to burden them because she knew there were a lot of bills for the family to pay.

Did the mother do the right thing, giving her daughter money in secrecy, to add to what has to be paid from that stolen fund?
Was the mother able to teach her daughter a lesson or not?
Do you think the daughter is a responsible person?

Not at all! The mother should have told her husband and I'm sure he would understand considering the daughter's purpose for not telling about the stolen money before hand. I think the daughter is more responsible than the mother -given the situation of "secrecy"(hehehe). How can you teach your child about honesty and openness (in a relationship) when you don't do it yourself?

Seriously, I would be touched with the girl's sensitivity if I would be her mom. Its a merit to the people who raised her, btw.

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Thanks for answering the WQ.

Been a bit busy with our homeschooling tasks so I was not able to do blogging last week (except do a few posts for my online raket which I will tell you about if you are interested)

man jobs..hehe..there are some things that we ca do but there are those thins that we may have difficulty doing without proper training like those gadget and electrical repairs.

Its a good thing that we buy local products, not just milk but other consumables. I have never been fond of buying those candies, canned good and cookies made in China. So do my parents, they won't eat anything with those characters they cast read on the label.

It is difficult to be parents, isn't it? So many responsibilities and ever action is not just observed by the children but they learn from these as well.

Have a great weekend/week Lovelyn, I hope we ca be friends in Plurk :)


Ciao Teacher Julie,

Thanks for the visit and the comment. I understand how busy you are. I admire how you run things, your job, your successful blogs and your family. Hugs for you!

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