Tuesday, 14 October 2008


That blaring sound of a plane about to take off except that your ears are seemed covered... or you immersed yourself in the bathtub and hearing the house alarm so loud but dull... Then you're forcing yourself to wake up. You're panicking now because you know its a bad dream. They said move your toes so you can open your eyes. So you did! But then again, sleep was so enticing that you went back to dreamland and moreover same scary sound you hear. Struggling and you're grasping for breath... a nightmare.

The deafening noise, alas, its fading. Illusory image are starting to make sense. A person... he smiled. You know him and you were glad to have seen him again. Then you realise he is already dead.

In your dream you know its just a dream. Fear may be unnerving but still gripping on to that presence of mind, you finally talked to the dead.

I had this "trance"(lol) before I woke up and send my son to school yesterday. In my dream (after the nightmare), I saw my cousin SONY. He was sitting behind me and I was scared. He was laughing because I'm horrified. Then I eased and had the courage to talk to him.

"Pangabaken mo ga adi sig-ami ni lotto!"(Help us to win the lotto), I uttered. He was still laughing and I told him, "Oh we'yah, you know how it is to place a bet and lose!"......... My bedside alarm snoozed and my eyes opened before my cousin said those winning numbers. 'Sayang'!


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